Take Covid-19 Seriously, Indian Doctor In China Warns

Dr. Piyush Sharma volunteered in the fight against the coronavirus in China. Originally from Rajasthan, he told Brut why India needs to take the pandemic very seriously.

03/23/2020 4:43 PMupdated: 03/23/2020 4:43 PM
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  • Barilin W.
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  • Raman S.
    6 hours

    Good job Doctor!

  • Lachhumki B.
    12 hours

    Thank you sir for your information. Take care of yourself also.

  • Shred Z.
    13 hours

    Yea no wonder the exotic market is back online and a Mc D's opened up smfh!

  • Donald H.
    a day

    c yengo.. lam hennu ko

  • Nickath B.
    a day

    Did CHINA found medicine for the coronavirus

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  • Mir B.
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    China reacted late

  • Sameer C.
    a day

    Why this doctor is in china.....He is supposed to be in india.....poor indian administrator and unskilled bearucrats...should know how to preserve and retain the talent within the country

  • Abhinandan B.
    a day

    It is impossible to handle this situation in well organised manner in India because Indians are not even interested to follow lockdown religiously 🙏

  • Sony J.
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    Instead of giving so big lecturer tell the truth how whole world is suffering and people are dying like anything . It was carefully planned by China so please don't tell beautifully handled by China.

  • Alumse A.
    2 days

    China is still hiding lots of information, lots of information are hidden away from the media..

  • Julia I.
    2 days

    Very good video❤️🙏

  • Pravakar R.
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    We should even sanatize the paper 📄the food chain everything 🙏 orelse we know India . This time God won't help But humanity will Be safe be alert 🚨

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    Nuke china.. Its a chinese virus .. Made in china

  • Rajnarayan Y.
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    It's covid chinese-19

  • Chingje S.
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    Indias hero