The Downside Of India’s Vaping Ban

Some Indians are deeply upset about the ban on sale of e-cigarettes. This young content writer thinks it’s simply unfair.

09/25/2019 9:19 AM
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  • Gautam A.
    09/25/2019 09:25

    Its good

  • Rhea G.
    09/25/2019 09:26

    So we're just going to ignore the fact that dozens of teenagers have died in the past year due to vaping?

  • Nisha R.
    09/25/2019 09:28

    Very very gud

  • Achyutha C.
    09/25/2019 09:28

    What does a content writer know about the effects of e-cigarette?? His claims are fake..If not , he should prove it in Court...

  • Shaswat M.
    09/25/2019 09:31

    Good step taken by the govt. Now plz ban Cigarettes also

  • Shubh Y.
    09/25/2019 09:32

    E cigarette users can't even protest due to lack of lungs power

  • Prashant S.
    09/25/2019 09:34

    E Cigarettes Damage Brain Stem Cells.

  • Lokesh K.
    09/25/2019 09:34

    He must freedom fighter in last life🤔

  • Prashant S.
    09/25/2019 09:34 Effect of E Cigarettes

  • Sheikh M.
    09/25/2019 09:36

    E - Cigarette ban ? Oh , then good news for tobacco & cigarettes companies .

  • Utkarsh S.
    09/25/2019 09:37

    वाह !!!!!!!!!!! वाह !!!!!!!!! What a great news ,please ban brut india. This news site is just anti human life it's a terrorist act and ban the channel ,it's my request to every one raise a campaign to ban brut india .

  • Asher A.
    09/25/2019 09:38

    Vaping is bad smoke weed every day 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohammad I.
    09/25/2019 09:38

    Please ban cigarettes tobacco products ghutka and alcohol you must have taken decision on those items too if you are so health conscious of citizens and yes you can do it like demonetization has been implemented overnight

  • Marshall G.
    09/25/2019 09:39

    ban is great step to reduce the population of addicted person will prefer to buy cigerates and this way his life will be perished early....Masterstroke....lets celebrate cancer in advance....let die today not tomorrow...❤️❤️❤️

  • Umie N.
    09/25/2019 09:45

    The ignorant 🙄

  • Shaail K.
    09/25/2019 09:45

    E -cigarette is injurious to health But Tobacco Cigarette Is very Good for human health. Ghuktah is even much more healthier for health and Specially for the teeth. So no Ban on tobacco cigarettes and Ghutkha. Piye jao aur khaye jao

  • Umair A.
    09/25/2019 09:47

    Tobacco industry won

  • Mahey B.
    09/25/2019 09:56


  • Amrendra P.
    09/25/2019 10:03


  • Tarun G.
    09/25/2019 10:04

    This is the matter that should be highlighted and not the bullshit that you spread around Brut.India. I support this govt. alot but this ban is baseless and senseless literally.... What the person told in the video is totally right... This is not for children so if they are using it fine should be imposed on them and not that banning this product completely. Govt. Is high on weed that they took this decision.