This Delhi Girl's Covid Journey

“It started with a bitter taste in the mouth…” Worried she might infect her mother, Mehar Bhagat spent days trying to get herself tested for Covid-19. In this video, she explained her story.

19/06/2020 5:12 PM
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  • Parmjit K.
    11/06/2021 01:05

    So sorry to hear about your experience. more help should have been given to you and you shouldnt have to go through this alone. I wish your mother and you well, and hope this nasty virus will lose its potency. Take

  • Prekshaeyecareoptics C.
    19/04/2021 19:17

    Nothing to worry my dear Sister just be strong and take the medication on time and do some yoga and breathing exercises ul be fine in few days.. god bless you. To recover soon ..

  • Mandeep B.
    13/12/2020 15:34

    Bhosdika corona itna sundar ladkio ko toh chod de... is desh m bas rakhi sawant jaise chahie kya tujhe saley ?

  • Subhanan B.
    11/10/2020 15:56

    West bangal me to ghar se pakad kar leke jaa rahe hai. Or theek kar k wapas vej rahe hai

  • Nisa J.
    08/10/2020 18:17

    She is beautiful plz save her life 😂

  • Nisa J.
    08/10/2020 18:14

    What is ending ...did she survive?

  • Nidhi J.
    07/10/2020 14:44

    Here after being tested positive, I too received call from health officials and they prescribed the medication and provided an Oximeter too. The health department was in continuous touch with us. I would appreciate the efforts by government in such unprecedented time. Although now I am all done with corona, but still body feels exhausted sometimes.

  • Ruchi A.
    05/10/2020 06:30

    Mayoni Arora

  • Reena A.
    02/10/2020 09:51

    My dear mehar, u had fever spike that day, so that day itself u cud have tested urself..... So till now ur health cud have improved....

  • Udayan S.
    23/09/2020 19:35

    On a sarcastic note, you r a terrorist, we all are terrorist we r planning and plotting against the government of this country. And don't you know the remedy for coronavirus? Chant jai shree ram

  • Sunita B.
    13/09/2020 08:54


  • Haroon A.
    04/09/2020 07:11

    How u being paid to make this fake video....??? And how did they contact you ?? Clearly fAke

  • Shravani S.
    03/09/2020 20:40

    Maharashtra govt is doing a good job

  • Anupama N.
    03/09/2020 17:52

    What all treatment did u take r u were informed to do????? Pls do share it

  • Sajjad B.
    03/09/2020 17:03

    Pura time waste kiya mera

  • Saurabh T.
    03/09/2020 14:28

    Pray for your speed recovery 😊

  • Hellen P.
    03/09/2020 07:28


  • Kewal A.
    03/09/2020 07:06

    Aap ko corona positive nai pregnancy positive hai vomiting tho corona Ka symptoms nai hai congratulations in advance 😂 😂

  • Inzamul A.
    03/09/2020 05:35


  • Akhila K.
    03/09/2020 01:35

    ಸುಪ್ರಿಯಾ ಗೌಡ ಹಾಸನ