This Delhi Girl's Covid Journey

“It started with a bitter taste in the mouth…” Worried she might infect her mother, Mehar Bhagat spent days trying to get herself tested for Covid-19. In this video, she explained her story.

19/06/2020 5:12 PM
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  • Subhanan B.
    11/10/2020 15:56

    West bangal me to ghar se pakad kar leke jaa rahe hai. Or theek kar k wapas vej rahe hai

  • Nisa J.
    08/10/2020 18:17

    She is beautiful plz save her life 😂

  • Nisa J.
    08/10/2020 18:14

    What is ending ...did she survive?

  • Nidhi J.
    07/10/2020 14:44

    Here after being tested positive, I too received call from health officials and they prescribed the medication and provided an Oximeter too. The health department was in continuous touch with us. I would appreciate the efforts by government in such unprecedented time. Although now I am all done with corona, but still body feels exhausted sometimes.

  • Ruchi A.
    05/10/2020 06:30

    Mayoni Arora

  • Reena A.
    02/10/2020 09:51

    My dear mehar, u had fever spike that day, so that day itself u cud have tested urself..... So till now ur health cud have improved....

  • Udayan S.
    23/09/2020 19:35

    On a sarcastic note, you r a terrorist, we all are terrorist we r planning and plotting against the government of this country. And don't you know the remedy for coronavirus? Chant jai shree ram

  • Sunita B.
    13/09/2020 08:54


  • Haroon A.
    04/09/2020 07:11

    How u being paid to make this fake video....??? And how did they contact you ?? Clearly fAke

  • Shravani S.
    03/09/2020 20:40

    Maharashtra govt is doing a good job

  • Anupama N.
    03/09/2020 17:52

    What all treatment did u take r u were informed to do????? Pls do share it

  • Sajjad B.
    03/09/2020 17:03

    Pura time waste kiya mera

  • Saurabh T.
    03/09/2020 14:28

    Pray for your speed recovery 😊

  • Hellen P.
    03/09/2020 07:28


  • Kewal A.
    03/09/2020 07:06

    Aap ko corona positive nai pregnancy positive hai vomiting tho corona Ka symptoms nai hai congratulations in advance 😂 😂

  • Inzamul A.
    03/09/2020 05:35


  • Apurba S.
    02/09/2020 19:57

    Wish you speedy recovery ❤️

  • Inascio F.
    02/09/2020 19:40

    She is soo pretty

  • Krishna L.
    02/09/2020 16:38

    Hopefully, you will be fine soon and so will your family members.

  • Hanumantappa S.
    02/09/2020 16:04

    thank u for ur advice.

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