Why Condoms Didn't Really Take Off

It took around 40 years for condoms to be associated with something fun in ads. That, and four other reasons why condoms haven't been a hit in India. 👇

26/01/2021 6:57 AM
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  • Holy V.
    24/06/2021 12:31

    India =Human factory of the world

  • Soumen B.
    03/03/2021 19:46

    Too many children/couple -> lack of education (no money) -> 98 percent idiots (+society) -> want sex but don't understand after effects -> no use of protection -> breed like rabbits -> many children/couple.... viscious cycle... isn't it.

  • हिप्पो प.
    07/02/2021 21:08

    मैं एक बार केमिस्ट से कंडोम लेने गया।।।तो पहले तो वहाँ कुछ अंकल आंटी थे तो मैं केमिस्ट के आस पास मंडराने लगा।।।फिर जब वो अंकल आंटी चले गए।।।तो फिर मैंने उस केमिस्ट वाले अंकल से कंडोम मांगे।।वो केमिस्ट वाले अंकल काफी बुजुर्ग थे।।।तभी 2 लड़कियां उसी केमिस्ट पे आ गई।।।मुझे उम्मीद थी कि अंकल टेबल के नीचे कागज के लिफाफे में छुपा के मुझे कंडोम पकड़ाएंगे।।।पर उन अंकल ने सरेआम उन लड़कियों के सामने दिखा दिखा के सब के सामने वो कंडोम के पैकेट कागज के लिफाफे में डाल के मुझे पकड़ा दिए।।और उन लड़कियों ने भी देख लिया कि ये कंडोम खरीद रहा है।।।।मुझे इतनी शर्म आ रही थी ना मैं पैंचो पसीने पसीने हो गया।।।।

  • Shreya S.
    05/02/2021 19:44

    इसका उपयोग आधे भी लोग कर्ते तो शायद जनसंख्या के मामले में चीन के बाद हमारे देश का नंबर नहीं आता। और एड्स का भी इतना नहीं खतरा होता। कितनी शरम कि बात है खुलेमे मूतने में शरम नहीं आती लेकिन इसपे बाते करना अपने संस्कारों के खिलाफ है।

  • Meher A.
    03/02/2021 10:19

    Have a look at India population. They just want to multiply and the use of protection is under women not men. Men want it raw.

  • Bithika M.
    03/02/2021 09:19

    Bishnupriya Samal

  • Chameli M.
    01/02/2021 18:39

    Sex is a taboo in India. Parents,elders don't talk about it but after marriage they want grandchildren as soon as possible

  • Anirudh P.
    31/01/2021 17:46

    You can get cigarettes in almost every shop that meets your eye nd smoke the shit out of it nd no one gives a damn. But when u step up to get yourself a condom, ppl start loosing their shit. The former being the most important man made cause of a plethora of diseases nd the latter being a saver of lives. Ppl really have to change their mindset

  • Dibyajit H.
    31/01/2021 04:45

    Vishal Bhardwaj

  • Arijit A.
    30/01/2021 09:44

    We should teach using this to peaceful community

  • Jithin J.
    30/01/2021 09:41

    The real reason is lack of proper SEX EDUCATION. Sex is showcased as some kind of alienic 'wierd' thing among teens by the society and the film industries. These teens then become the society and face of india. Current parents are those teens whom doesnt want to talk about it to their own kids (which has become very necessary in our current social structre). Its better not to get started about religion on this topic. 😤

  • Qaiser H.
    30/01/2021 06:00

    Having more children than usual is the greatest crime against humanity. Dont blame government. parents arr responsibility to have children according to their ability to give them rights.

  • Deepali P.
    29/01/2021 13:07

    When I was in 7 or 8 std....I used to think these are just some perfumes 😂😂😂😂lol

  • Athul A.
    27/01/2021 18:39

    Pack of 3 cost 130?! Which state have you chosen to represent India?!

  • Kamran E.
    27/01/2021 16:02

    What dumb reasons😬😬😬.......they don't sell simply because of Indian Micro penis.....all Arabs n Europeans know the fact coz the rubber neck of a condom slips repeatedly if sleeved over a micro penis.......baat kartey hain🥸

  • Janu P.
    26/01/2021 23:12

    Indians should be ashamed that theres no birth control. Give birth then not giving proper food, shelter n clothes are not a noble things to do. Think before mating n have a baby. Dont throw the babies on dustbin or even think bout having one to suffer later.. give love n food , that's what babies n children needs. Raping or killing babies are mentally Ill than using a condom.

  • Anuj C.
    26/01/2021 21:01

    bhai ei toh hochhe obostha, no wonder luggage er cheye bachcha beshi dekhte pawa jae bus e😂😂

  • Jaydeep K.
    26/01/2021 17:16

    Personally I don't like condoms at all..they are too much oily and without skin to skin contact properly there's no fun of having proper sex you know..

  • Nilavo B.
    26/01/2021 14:26

    We are moving in the opposite direction where awareness takes a back seat and pointless age old morality triumphs... no wonder they are banned from 6am to 10pm on moral grounds!!

  • Anupam T.
    26/01/2021 11:08

    Abe seedhi baat hai maja nhi aata 🤣✌️

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