A Rohingya Refugee's Story

Meet Nur, a Rohingya woman living in one of the world’s biggest refugee camps.

03/07/2018 2:06 AM
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  • Rudra R.
    03/07/2018 02:39

    Get the f*** out of our country.... 😠😠

  • Ashish K.
    03/07/2018 02:42

    Rohingyas are of Bangladeshi origin, Bangladesh bears greater responsibility in taking in their own people. No one including the UN is making this clear. The Rohingyas are migrants with no legal status in Myanmar.

  • Akhihito C.
    03/07/2018 02:43

    Bhaaat pani Hode hayoum??! 🤔lier

  • Sourav M.
    03/07/2018 02:44

    Itna musibbat mai bhi paida kar rahe Ho are kamse kam condom ka to istemal Karo 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Charles E.
    03/07/2018 02:54

    Wow, you people are just like the whites against blacks in America. You treat fellow humans like animals. May God forgive your wicked ways.

  • A.
    03/07/2018 03:10

    Hindustan keya yea sab karta rahega !!! 15 Muslim country or hain !! Ab to koi vaichara nehi dikh raha !!!

  • Amarjeet S.
    03/07/2018 03:41

    Kisi ka desh na choothhe hmare baap dada ne chhoda he uski tees unki aankho me dikhti thi Pakistan shayd Daman sb da sheyr Lagda he sadi trah raati tusi bi nhi soye ho Akha laal pai dsdia hn tuhadia Roye tusi bi ho roye asi bi haan Pura shayd me bool gya ye 47 pr likha tha

  • Aakash T.
    03/07/2018 03:46

    Kick them out India is already overpopulated

  • Alok S.
    03/07/2018 03:56

    This is Brutal India ? U mean the same admin ?? And shame on those who like it and follow.

  • Ashyut B.
    03/07/2018 04:06

    THIS is the RESULT of POPULATION EXPLOSION ... DON'T SEEK SYMPATHY FOR IT .. You should know that when you have too many children you have to feed them too with proper wellbeing instead of leaving them open in the world.. THIS IS YOUR OWN DEED AND BROUGHT YOUR OWN MISFORTUNE.

  • Ben-Hail R.
    03/07/2018 04:09

    No rohingyas in India! INDIA FOR INDIANS ONLY. KICK out all rohingyas back to bangladesh

  • Dibyojyoti D.
    03/07/2018 04:12

    the whole world must know they are not victims...... victims are those who were vandalised by the rohingyas

  • Gautam S.
    03/07/2018 04:19

    You burnt people live killed hundreds of humans and now saying you are helpless... YOU ALL ARE BASTARDS

  • Shaikh M.
    03/07/2018 04:38

    Sometimes I feel some people are heartless even looking at dead/injured children won't affect their feelings a bit....

  • Abhinav S.
    03/07/2018 04:51


  • Mehak A.
    03/07/2018 05:08

    Now it’s time for the Rohingya Issue

  • Sayan S.
    03/07/2018 05:36

    support them with food rations but dont let them settle permanently. deport them. india is already populous. how can we manage them.

  • Mithun M.
    03/07/2018 05:42

    fuck off rohingyas go die stop giving birth like dogs every year 😏😏😳😳😏

  • Sharma R.
    03/07/2018 05:42

    Why don't the other 50 Muslims countries take them all in and put an end to this "refugee crisis"? Why these Rohingyas want to stay in countries with majority of Buddhists and Hindus.

  • Noorjahan M.
    03/07/2018 05:51

    Sadiya Khan she's Nur ok