Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's India Visit Animates US Talk Shows

Even after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau returned home, his visit to India continues to stir controversy.

03/03/2018 3:00 AM
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  • Jatin M.
    03/09/2018 08:44

    Dude... These TV series are suffering from a lack of content

  • Subhash P.
    03/06/2018 17:41

    this is hilarious!

  • Rghees M.
    03/06/2018 11:15

    Muhammad Ussama😂

  • Neel K.
    03/06/2018 04:51

    Americans are fools 😂they chose their president nd then trying to replace him .... So u Americans see your self first before trolling other nations!!!! Respect every culture

  • Neelabh S.
    03/05/2018 18:30

    Tell me he isn't playing big boss! 😂 😂

  • Falak Y.
    03/04/2018 20:06

    American 🐶 dog

  • Falak Y.
    03/04/2018 20:05

    Canada great man and prime minister love 💖 sir

  • Aiden P.
    03/04/2018 13:32

    still better than fakendra modi ....

  • Somya K.
    03/04/2018 11:34

    Divyanshu Shukla

  • Yash K.
    03/04/2018 06:51

    bhai shaant !! America hai hi ghatiya 😂

  • Narinder S.
    03/04/2018 06:42


  • Balraj C.
    03/04/2018 05:27

    People who choose trump as their president, making fun of someone else 😂😂😂😂😂🐍 funnmijA Malhotra

  • Ayushi P.
    03/04/2018 03:42

    These Late Show hosts presents a satirical comedy for entertainment. It's there job. He came, visited, dressed how he preferred and went back.... We didn't made fun. we appreciate what he did.

  • Pratulya R.
    03/04/2018 03:25


  • Kousik D.
    03/04/2018 02:51

    I respect him..because he gave my country more respect than our own cheap politicians

  • Som B.
    03/04/2018 02:39

    Ok why would someone dressup like your culture when they visit you!? Coz they respect your ways..not just....'when in rome....' but its more than that too! Might be he really likes the diversity here...may be he loves the bling of marvelous colours and beautiful shine of unity. What about modi and many Indians who think, our culture is best and nobody is above us...the truth is , indeed we are a gr8 nation but some of our people have egos while they are pure shit themselves.Ours is a culture that respects others but , our dear PM will dressup only in a different when going for votes... Remember , Trudeau didn't come here for votes...he came here for diplomatic engagements. It shows, he wasn't doing all that for staying in power but extending peace and celebrating unity. Now coming to all that has been rolling in media regarding Khalistan, Who is responsible !? A nation who is still not able to strike peace with 'kashmiris' , 'sikhs' , 'bodos' , 'naxals' and.... So many to name !? Or another nation , ... Who might or might not have known Everything about it !? They say what they hear and know...but truth it is we know , Politics have been around every issue of insurgency to help a few stat in power... While local population always gets diverted in to warfare and hatered they get delusioned to believe in things , which have been created for the very sake. Why didn't fucking Hindus , stop in thr name of God , while they did what they did during Indira Gandhi's assassination !? Why did people not just listened to their inner voice!? Why do people not stop the rioters !? Why , can't we just move to Kashmir like we did go to Delhi during jan lok pal and solve the issues once for all... This looks like joke !? ... This aint joke man...there will be a time when this will happen and all collective lies of GOVT (all the govts.) And forces (even there are elements in Indian Army and other security forces who actually do things that shames Indian Army every day but they have no choice....and nothing comes out to save the reputation) will be out... Pakistan is rouge state and we are closely following them... Wake up..and shove that jingoism off your arse... Hope you get it... Jai Hind

  • Saravana K.
    03/04/2018 02:36

    Late night jackasses

  • Sarab D.
    03/04/2018 02:30

    what a non sense remark 'cheap bollywood movie '

  • Jobless J.
    03/04/2018 02:26

    A perfect useless night show......

  • Kishore K.
    03/04/2018 02:24

    Was impressed of yur recent social activities minister