• Shayan H.
    02/20/2018 13:33

    Illiterate leaders

  • Prabhkirat S.
    02/20/2018 13:34

    It was genocide definitely.

  • Aamir S.
    02/20/2018 13:38

    So basically this means India's pm dont support sikhs..

  • Pankaj B.
    02/20/2018 13:41

    He and his Sajjan singh are pro khalistani supporters.. amrinder asked for meeting back in Canada 🇨🇦 PM refused to take it.. so amrinder singh refused to meet his counter part ..

  • सिद्धार्थ च.
    02/20/2018 13:41

    He goes to meet only those P.M and President where he sees some Political benefit. The Canadian PM is very clear cut in his dealing so he can't have any secret dealings with him so he doesn't care

  • Divyansh S.
    02/20/2018 13:42

    Justin don't need to meet to an uneducated, hate spreader and a fool. He just don't it.

  • Prabhu S.
    02/20/2018 13:44

    He having two khalistani supporters in his ministry, (khalisthan- seperate Country for Sikhs including Punjab, Haryana,Himachal & jk) & he supported Khalsa ride which held in Canada, Dear Brut, do you want to India to be seperate? The persons who trying to seperate India wouldn't received well by PM ! (But Justin Trudeau is a good PM)

  • Mahak S.
    02/20/2018 13:44

    ख़ालिस्तान को स्पोर्ट करेगा तो कौन जाएगा इसको लेने ऐयरपोर्ट पर . ठीक किया

  • M M.
    02/20/2018 13:47

    He wished happy diwali what else Indian need. ...

  • Lone E.
    02/20/2018 13:51

    That is how real humans r treated in india

  • Sachin L.
    02/20/2018 13:51


  • Anurag P.
    02/20/2018 13:55

    Canadian Prime Minister is not only a pro khalistani but also an idiotic faggot. https://youtu.be/XSe3vQCRXvI

  • Prema P.
    02/20/2018 13:56

    Welcome to India honble Canadian PM Justin Trudeau .Please visit TamilNadu .We as Tamils are forever grateful to you for honouring Tamil language and making it as optional subject of study in Canadian education, for declaring the month of Thai as Tamil Heritage month ,for declaring holiday for celebrating Pongal festival. Tamil being the world's oldest language and was spoken all over the world ,even PM Modi had expressed regret for not learning Tamil In his recent speech on examinations to school students. This is the reason Tamil is official language in many countries like Singapore, Srilanka etc and included in educational curriculum in countries like Australia ,Malaysia, China etc . Today our honble TamilNadu Minister spoke about significance of Tamil language on this World language Day .Harvard university is planning to include Tamil In teaching and education and our TamilNadu govt are raising funds for it.We would be extremely happy if you visit TamilNadu.Much love ❤️to you and your family.

  • Kunal K.
    02/20/2018 13:56

    Justin refused to meet congressi Punjab CM Capt. Amrinder singh as Justin is accompanied by 2 ministers who were pro khalistanis. Capt. too was not interested to meet him for same reason. That is the reason he has received such cold shoulder.

  • Prabhnoor S.
    02/20/2018 13:58


  • Prabhnoor S.
    02/20/2018 13:58


  • Nirmalkumar M.
    02/20/2018 14:01

    Ena annaa unga Prime minister'a India la ipadi pannitaanga?

  • ਹਰਵਿੰਦਰ ਸ.
    02/20/2018 14:01

    Modi is a******,always waste India’s money flying to other countries with no purposes....

  • Asjad K.
    02/20/2018 14:02

    He must be welcomed in india

  • Ranveer S.
    02/20/2018 14:03

    The reason is here.. May b thn u k ow y.. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1787561434589527&id=100000070644148