• Anuwar H.
    22/08/2017 16:44


  • Asif I.
    18/08/2017 13:40

    India would win the war if they just boycott the whole Chinese product

  • Manish S.
    18/08/2017 13:18

    Deepak Singh Ola

  • Aurodeep R.
    18/08/2017 12:40

    Lol a chicken shaped dragon or a dragon in the shape of a chicken?

  • Kanji S.
    18/08/2017 12:14

    Mare ga

  • Malsawm K.
    18/08/2017 11:50

    Help!!!! Help!!! I don't want to be under communism alright.............India!! Do something FAST!!

  • Satyadeep B.
    18/08/2017 11:49

    I m ready to stand against China. Are you ? Traitors katwas are with Chinese so Fuck em.

  • Abhi P.
    18/08/2017 11:21

    This Chanel showing wrong map of India thats panalty 100 crore rs

  • Vinay
    18/08/2017 10:35

    let's have it dekha jayega jo hoga let's have a goddamn war n see what china can get out of it.

  • Kamkhu S.
    18/08/2017 10:27

    Come on Chinese I support u, I want to b in Chinese their is a lot rascim being Indian looking like Chinese

  • Itchi M.
    18/08/2017 10:24

    Ohhh my god . Send the peace from these countries. Peace and peace that is we talking and no war this is not the time of dictator but this a time for intelligent and genus so stop war

  • Ramkrishna J.
    18/08/2017 10:18

    Eto hjo angna y anha ke

  • Saurav B.
    18/08/2017 10:12

    Pankaj Dewanzee

  • Seiboi H.
    18/08/2017 10:12

    send those mother cows to doklam like babubali did in kuntala and those chinese will surely retreat even with the smell of cow urines😝😝

  • Aniket G.
    18/08/2017 10:08

    Steve Smith see this am talking abt these terms on last ni8 bt nobody understands .

  • Deep S.
    18/08/2017 10:04

    Nuke'em all

  • Lakshmi B.
    18/08/2017 10:02

    China material or produced ect full band or not allowed in India why the reason is one India population is world population off

  • Islam U.
    18/08/2017 10:00

    Dont worry folks, gaurakshak, bajrangdal, rss, shivsena gnna fyt wt china

  • Jaideep S.
    18/08/2017 09:39

    Harshit Narang

  • Inder S.
    18/08/2017 09:34

    I don't know y China have to put his legs in between peace y don't he tc of his problem I think it's no good thing

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