Finland Vs India on Homelessness

Both Finland and India have tried to tackle homelessness and offer something more than just shelter. But how effective have they been?

04/03/2018 6:00 AM
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  • Mehru T.
    04/03/2018 06:43

    Population ek bda reason h jo dekhta h dono. Desh m

  • Niladri S.
    04/03/2018 06:55

    Yes it is good approach..but one need to remember that Indian population is 100 times greater than implementing the rule in Finland is quite effective but in India it will have to face some hard times as well as peoples' effectiveness to accept it :)

  • Sharma R.
    04/03/2018 07:06

    Population matters.

  • Sarang G.
    04/03/2018 07:11

    Brut are u eating your own shit ??? Will u tell the area of Finland, the population there, the taxes collected by the Finland Govt ??? Oh sorry I forgot you have employees of Reservation quota. 😂😂😂😂

  • Adv S.
    04/03/2018 07:12

    These people were given homes, however, they sell or lease out those homes and again come on streets. Always Govt is not at fault, mindset of the people is also a factor.

  • Manas Y.
    04/03/2018 07:20

    Yes comparing because the population of Finland is somewhat around 5m and India's population is somewhere close to 26x the population of Finland. Totally makes sense. 😊

  • Zuhair F.
    04/03/2018 07:55

    bhai government pr afsos hai or guilty feeel hoti h

  • Mahesh C.
    04/03/2018 08:30

    When it comes to India, population is not the only issue. The main issue is corruption, negligence and stupid reservation system. Even for doing good you need permissions, and for getting permissions we should give bribe because the officer would have got the job on basis of reservation and wouldn't have proper knowledge. So basically the problem is with education, reservation,employment system. There will be one law for minorities and other for majorities. Politicians even the good ones like Modi have to say they will increase reservation percentage for getting votes and get elected else stupids will be elected.

  • Niharika T.
    04/03/2018 09:37

    How much of land does the government have to set up these homes? How many of us living in urban areas are willing to lease out or sell our lands to the govt to set up these homes? Easy to criticize, difficult to help implement.

  • Abhishek V.
    04/03/2018 09:37

    Yrr finland ki abaadi india ki abaadi k .5 % k kareeb hai ... Khaa krre tumlog comparison 🙏🙏🙏

  • Deepak S.
    04/03/2018 10:07

    So we can call these so called "experts" from Finland and make them implement it in India. How can you compare anything in Finland and in India. The number of homless in India is greater than the total population of Finland. You are comparing 2 different scenarios all together.

  • Avinash P.
    04/03/2018 10:16

    It is not fault of govt. In India poeple make riot to proof themselves that they are backward. Poeple put the houses on rent which has provided by govt. People who need reservation or for whom reservation is provided was unable avail these facility. Patidar from Gujrat who were demanding reservation making rally with luxurious car like jaguar.

  • Lalit S.
    04/03/2018 10:18

    Taking help from the role models and applying an alternative in ur current scenario... helps..... Not typing fr d sake f writing....

  • Adi P.
    04/03/2018 10:35

    Can india did what finland did probably not...the demographics are very different but it is a fact that the funds being allocated for these schemes are not being used; instead they find their way into corrupt officials lockers...once corruption is adressed (no easy feat) maybe the schemes will begin reaping some benefits

  • Ashish D.
    04/03/2018 11:03

    Population is biggest power of India as well as a biggest problem... Besides that there are tons of other problem to face and in implementation of government schemes.

  • Ruchika P.
    04/03/2018 11:27

    अरे भाई हमारे यहाँ के लोगो की मेंटिलिटी भी वैसी ही है टॉयलेट के लिए सरकार से पैसे लेकर टॉयलेट नही बनायीं लोगो ने और आज भी खुले में ही जाते है फिर हम कहते है सरकार की स्कीम फ़ैल हो गयी

  • Sadakat A.
    04/03/2018 11:30

    Sad reality of India All funds are eaten by govt people himself 😭😢😭😢

  • Shashank S.
    04/03/2018 11:35

    5-7 percent paying all tax rest getting 1 rupee per kg rice and wheat... Even for increasing population gov of India give money plus free food.... what can gov do if all people want is free free things.... See example of house maid or any daily pay workers.... Nowadays u can't find a good labour all thanks too free gas, food, etc and all services.... PERSON WHO IS SUFFERING IS MIDDLE CLASS PERSON WHO SIT FOR 10 HOUR IN OFFICE TO EARN MONEY OR FIELD GUYS HAVE TO DO EXTRA SHIT JUST TO EARN MONEY TOO EAT.... All thanks to thus f... Gov policy of FREEE FREEE... No economic improvement no job only giving free things why will people work

  • கார்த்திக் ர.
    04/03/2018 12:00

    Finland is just 55 lakhs population you cant compare that with india and not even a single state in india. also not even a single developed city in india. compare with china ,we would like to know .

  • Vaibhav D.
    04/03/2018 12:17

    System 😌