From An Abusive Marriage To BBC's Top Chef

This woman survived domestic violence and an abusive marriage to go on to become a BBC top chef and even received recognition from the Queen.

30/05/2021 2:57 PM
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  • Hassan A.
    09/10/2021 20:47

    no that's not her

  • Fatima A.
    09/10/2021 09:55

    ur favorite chef

  • Shilpa D.
    25/09/2021 02:23

    Very nice video.. An example that proof that positivity and motivation passion for doing stuff turns dreams into reality. It's irony that still some male feel to dominate woman and abuse them mentality. Hatts off that she dare to fight rather than giving up. Inspiration for lots of women....

  • Rajesh S.
    13/08/2021 19:29

    Good evening

  • Anjali K.
    08/08/2021 21:15

    U look like a doll !!

  • Iffat J.
    12/06/2021 14:52

    I am glad that I am from Burnpur too

  • Bhoomi S.
    03/06/2021 19:41

    Such a lovely lady on TV.

  • Anjum S.
    03/06/2021 18:29

    What a charming lady. May god bless u woth happibess and togatherness with ur loved onces. Keep smiling n spreading happiness.

  • Radha C.
    03/06/2021 07:17

    Pray for everyone's safety and well-being 🙏

  • Andrea J.
    03/06/2021 06:57

    Mental torture is more than physical torture.... Completely agree..

  • Shubhodeep C.
    03/06/2021 04:24

    Inspirational 🙏🙏

  • Mominur N.
    02/06/2021 14:36

    Congratulations Maam to everyone. Thank you

  • Asad M.
    02/06/2021 04:27

    I had the same experience in my life. I was so helpless and scared. I knew nothing about the laws or my rights in UK.

  • Shabeer A.
    01/06/2021 20:15

    Alhamdulillaah... Carry your dreams happily mam...

  • Arti M.
    01/06/2021 17:16

    She said it right never give up .. stay happy stay blessed ... hard work pays ..

  • Salihath S.
    01/06/2021 07:15

    Cherished dreams coming true... How sweet to hear.

  • Sahana Y.
    01/06/2021 05:21

    Dreams Turned To Reality. God Bless You

  • Mohammed E.
    01/06/2021 03:49

    An motivational passion for doing that stuff where a dream turns into reality in foreign and experience, well done. God guide us all.

  • Cac T.
    31/05/2021 22:12

    She is cute and brave!

  • Padma V.
    31/05/2021 19:58

    Great 👍

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