Human Rights Watch on populism

"There is a battle underway — and it is a battle that is very much worth engaging in." The head of Human Rights Watch outlines why the world needs to stand up to right-wing populism.

02/05/2018 2:00 AM
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  • Shubham M.
    02/05/2018 02:02

    Holy fuck!! Human Rights Watch is not giving any warning on Syria,Iraq,Lebanon, Pakistan,etc!! Nice Propaganda though!!

  • Anjani B.
    02/05/2018 02:04

    There is no reaction without action. The rise of Right wing is merely a reaction to the unholy alliance between mainstream Left and Muslim right wing.

  • Partha P.
    02/05/2018 02:04

    ...i think this is unbiased

  • Naresh B.
    02/05/2018 02:15

    You are talking completely nonsense Mr.

  • Anil T.
    02/05/2018 02:24

    Ab salo angrazo se puch Kar apna Pradhan Mantri chunna hoga ...bc😡

  • Abhishek M.
    02/05/2018 02:26

    The world should be free like west but supporting Muslim means you r crabbing freedom what is happening in Western countries today they welcome Muslim immigrants and Muslims instead of respecting their culture they want every Western girl to wear hijab so left by supporting Muslim u r not supporting leftism freedom

  • సహజ్ క.
    02/05/2018 02:27

    Don't try to rub Trump's ideology on Modi... You just can't compare him with Modi... Modi never passed any anti minority or anti muslim statements... and plz don't bring up the gujrat riots cuz he is not found guilty in the court so that's it... Modi should win in the 2019 election to put an end to this biased media...

  • JP A.
    02/05/2018 02:30

    Bhakths be like The guy is funded by congress and he is a mulla😏

  • Azampasha A.
    02/05/2018 02:31

    It s right it is for only to implement hindutva bogus ideology

  • Sithin P.
    02/05/2018 02:34

    He he Brut Propoganda is not gonna sell here

  • Abhishek M.
    02/05/2018 02:40

    If in America England u r not allowed to do something u cry foul but can't a word about Saudi Arabia Iran Iraq where women r not allowed even to walk alone so left ur idealogy is great but u people fucked ur idealogy .If Donald Trump says he will made stricter laws for immigration he is racist bla bla but u people don't have balls to ask where is left in Muslim countries where is gender equality in Muslim countries. Note I am not a hindutva supporter I'm supporter of freedom liberty

  • Bharadwaj C.
    02/05/2018 02:44

    So who are they standing against right wing ? Tukde Tukde gang ? Prakash Raj ? Mewani Gang ? And this Mr. Blind need to open his brain and look into Islamic states and their women rights. I double dare this guy to show one word spoken by Modi against our Muslim brotherhood in india

  • Nishant O.
    02/05/2018 02:45

    Look who is talking 😂😂 You white folks discriminate against the people of color,be it black,brown or Asian and even Muslims&Jews and now you are playing this HOLIER THAN THOU shit?! 😂😂 Please don't teach us about humanism you hypocritical white boy!! You people are scared or multiculturalism where as we have been practicing it since millenias.. Cut the crap white boy!!

  • Rajesh K.
    02/05/2018 02:46

    Acha aur jahan terrorism create hota he uske baare me kyun nahi kahata

  • Abhishek M.
    02/05/2018 02:48

    JP Adharsh I'm not hindutva or bjp supporter but ans my question where is freedom in middle East countries why they r killing and forcing Western people to hijab right wings in 95 countries rises because of Muslim idealogy Ex India USA Australia etc

  • Abhishek M.
    02/05/2018 02:50

    What about women rights in Saudi Arabia Iran etc Brut India

  • Amit K.
    02/05/2018 02:50

    fuck you

  • Siddhartha S.
    02/05/2018 02:54


  • Ankit S.
    02/05/2018 02:54

    Tell the weed name please! :-)

  • Ayush S.
    02/05/2018 02:55

    I don't give a fuck about 😂this🖕