India's History With Israel-Palestine

India voices support for Palestine and maintains a robust military partnership with Israel. Here's how that careful balance came to be.

21/05/2021 2:27 PM
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  • Nayab N.
    15/06/2021 10:19

    Why wouldn't an oppressor be with another oppressor? Shame that India lost it's human sense after Gandhi.

  • Chhuan L.
    06/06/2021 09:58

    What can we do, both sides have strong stand

  • Muhd R.
    30/05/2021 20:22

    So in a nutshell,they sold their soul to the very devil they've fought against.

  • Faisal K.
    28/05/2021 14:48

    Isreal Palestine k sath kr raha hai India kashmir k sath. Israel india america RIP

  • Muhammed M.
    28/05/2021 14:28

    We with Palestine

  • Saleem P.
    27/05/2021 14:17

    Except Andhbhakt, bhadwa Dallal, Gobar bhakts, And Bhagwa Atankwadis every one supports Palestin.....

  • Muthuraj R.
    27/05/2021 12:49

    Plz Peace only

  • Nareshwar E.
    27/05/2021 04:40

    In today's ever changing political dynamics and perpetual threats of jihadi and cross border terrorism India is facing, government machinery can no longer afford to appear as "pussy footing". Its time to shed dual appeasement policies and boldly say " we are on you side of the fence", Yehudi "you help us" and we will help you". Remember just like Israel, India faces four countries across international borders, and two of them are perpetuity hostile since 1947, while two other countries are unpredictable in policies and associated border issues.

  • Fozia F.
    26/05/2021 11:56

    Now has changed India are with Israelis and I don’t surprise Kalyug ....

  • മുണ്ടൂർ മ.
    25/05/2021 19:51

    Support outside morally and historically for palestine is just to appease the muslim vote bank nothing else ...i dnt knw a single occassion fuckin Palestinians doing anythin gud for india .😂 ...

  • Nagadeep Y.
    25/05/2021 11:26

    Pakistan and Bangladesh also belongs to india......

  • Sandeep S.
    25/05/2021 08:13

    If palistine belongs to Arab then why pakistan and Bangladesh doesn't belong to India ?? Gandhi was a confused soul.

  • Jimmy G.
    25/05/2021 04:47

    I can only accept this from Congress traitors they will never come in power again.

  • Shayan H.
    24/05/2021 23:31

    India is supporting Palestine officially because millions of Indians are working in Arab countries and India has 200 billion trade with Arab countries.India is not able to go against Arabs on Palestine Israel conflict.

  • Dahir K.
    24/05/2021 21:58

    Big applause to India, That knows how to balance relationship and ties keeping in mind and advocating for the Truth and facts, Rather then putting a blind eye on Truth, Relationship aside and Truthfulness with facts on the other side. A constant reminder to both parties on the reality, Good Friend of the World. JAI HIND INDIA.

  • Sujith G.
    24/05/2021 14:00

    We Stand With ISRAEL ❤️❤️❤️ Bru

  • Ahbab H.
    24/05/2021 13:49

    Balancing double standards 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Nur A.
    24/05/2021 13:23

    তোদের জন্য । পুরোটা দেখিস

  • Riz R.
    24/05/2021 12:59


  • Prabuddha N.
    24/05/2021 06:58

    Seriously, brut is a Muslim channel

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