India Vs US: Women's Safety

Respondents in a survey perceived India as the most dangerous country for women. But one Western nation also appeared near the top of the list.

28/06/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Neesha N.
    15/06/2019 10:30

    We can't deny the fact. It is unsafe. Esp where I come from, THE NORTH EAST, I truly, honestly feel that India is unsafe. Duhh..

  • Tajuddin M.
    30/10/2018 09:22

    Aur sabhi gulf countries me Jan ka khatra h par vaha Saal ki bachchi ka rape nahi karte maut asni se a jati h par kisi gareeb ki beti ki ijjat chali Jaye to pora Ghar Mar jata h aur us par see hamri police bachi ijjat utar leti h

  • Pallavita N.
    26/10/2018 16:38

    Horrifying indeed literally afraid of ..

  • Ishak K.
    11/07/2018 17:23

    Kon haai jo ye bekar ki bat feylata

  • Pawan T.
    11/07/2018 17:16

    Bogus... all facts are not correct stop potraying wrong image of the country

  • Faiz A.
    11/07/2018 11:13

    Shame shame shame..

  • Shahidul I.
    11/07/2018 11:05

    World most safety country for and but for A Human its a worst country

  • Nandeesh B.
    11/07/2018 11:02

    Such a foolish news... really I don't agree....

  • Sunil S.
    11/07/2018 09:40

    THIS DATA CAN BE LOW, IF THEY USE RUBBER & NOT INCREASE DIRTY POLLUTED POPULATION. CONTROL POPULATION B4 India becomes Number 1, in all competitions related to HUMAN / POPULATION This survey was funded and manipulated by PAKISTAN.

  • Zaid B.
    11/07/2018 08:54

    Great rapistan

  • Ram M.
    11/07/2018 08:37

    Pakistan jau siriya jao har islamik desh mai ja kr ao aur phir bolo chale ate hai harami kahi ke mu utha ke chutiya sala

  • Ram M.
    11/07/2018 08:35

    Kon ho tum log jo india ko badnam krna chahte ho

  • Amar B.
    11/07/2018 06:20

    Guy's I think people should ignore this type of fuk......stuff

  • Achin S.
    11/07/2018 06:03

    I never used any any abusive language in any social media but now just enjoy.... Brut are you an asshole? You people don't know how to report things... You are writing misleading facts. who carried out this survey? There are countries who don't want their women to drive car, they got beheaded for small things, they got raped and no legal procedure carried out! What fuck is happening to you people we don't want you to show us the facts! Our women are safe if not we will protect them! This time big fuck to you Brut!

  • Shabina R.
    11/07/2018 04:56

    Instead of blaming and making fun of those 550 people.. we should just accept the facts. The ranking doesn't even matter.. what matters is that it's not safe for women. People worry more about our clothes and at what time we come back home🤷

  • Sudeep Y.
    11/07/2018 04:44

    Was it a survey or the opinion of some 500+ experts out of which most of them were not from India??

  • Sathish K.
    11/07/2018 04:02

    Out of 120 cr population, 550 people cannot decide it. If 550 people are not feeling safe in India. Please leave our country and go to the country wr you feel safe

  • Sanjay B.
    11/07/2018 01:48


  • Nasir A.
    10/07/2018 23:43

    It's true I support

  • Maitri P.
    10/07/2018 21:49

    No doubt India is one of the most dangerous places. The stares we get everyday keeping aside the groping and stalking is immense. And I consider nothing can change the condition is this Country :)

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