Indian and Pakistani Supporters Face Off In London

Thousands of Pakistan supporters turned up on London’s streets to protest India’s decision to revoke Jammu & Kashmir's autonomy. But a small of group Indians made their presence felt too. 😮

22/08/2019 2:57 AM
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  • Amit S.
    17/07/2020 04:44

    Ab kya kare in chitiyon ka

  • Wasim S.
    21/10/2019 07:20


  • Umesh K.
    23/09/2019 20:43

    Hindustan jindabad

  • Jagdeep J.
    18/09/2019 15:53

    brut india please cut india name and adopt new name brut pakistan

  • Mohammed S.
    17/09/2019 15:57

    Under UN resolution a referendum will decide the future of Kashmir. However modi policy is to starve to death 8 million Muslims, So it could change statues quota. Modi should copy Gandhi Not Adolf hitler

  • Chandra S.
    16/09/2019 16:45

    Until, anti Indians living in India are not booked for sedation charges, this will continue, death sentence is the best solution for anti Indian slogans

  • Ramesh M.
    16/09/2019 04:42

    Madharchod randi ke jno pakistaniyo

  • Neeraj T.
    15/09/2019 11:43

    muft me khane ki addat he na jab kisi se muft ki addat pad jati he na to mehanat karna pasand nhi karta tab log 370 or 35 a chate he. kyoki ye dhara kashmir ko india se alag bnati thi or un logo nidhala.

  • Sangram .
    15/09/2019 08:53

    All those banners..., protesters will be a waste of time

  • Pramod C.
    13/09/2019 20:12

    Brothers, we can do same like your way don't pull for that,,,,,,

  • Vinay K.
    13/09/2019 18:38

    Paid Pakistani beggers 😂😂😂

  • Ashish A.
    11/09/2019 16:40

    2$ per person ...

  • Debajyoti S.
    10/09/2019 07:41

    Pakistan people need money... Donation box leke aajao!!

  • Pravin K.
    10/09/2019 01:16

    Why can't this London Pakistani's ask imran Khan to eradicate terrorism from Pakistan. Why u people interfere in our internal matter. The world knows what type people so shut ur mouth

  • Tanmoy M.
    09/09/2019 12:00

    Brut India shame on u

  • Suneil B.
    08/09/2019 14:03

    UK is a haven for extremists from across the world. This incident will hurt it for many years to come.

  • Joy P.
    07/09/2019 05:34

    Remove those Pakistan people from UK

  • Aditya S.
    07/09/2019 05:08

    Brut India BC

  • Pratik S.
    07/09/2019 04:46

    Its Pakistan occupied Kashmir not pak administer Kashmir.. U morons..

  • Nitin S.
    06/09/2019 16:45

    PORKIS cut trade But they want INDIAN MEDICINES chutiye pakis