Indian and Pakistani Supporters Face Off In London

Thousands of Pakistan supporters turned up on London’s streets to protest India’s decision to revoke Jammu & Kashmir's autonomy. But a small of group Indians made their presence felt too. 😮

08/22/2019 2:57 AM
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  • Shashi B.
    08/22/2019 03:01

    क़िस्मत का खेल तो देखो साहब जिस CBI दफ़्तर का उद्घघाटन 2011 में चितंबरम ने किया था आज उसी की जेल में बंद है

  • Tanmai S.
    08/22/2019 03:01

    These lot of illiterates and terrorists never protested again terrorism. This enough to judge who they really are!

  • Shahbaz K.
    08/22/2019 03:02

    London has huge Kashmiri population, they are Kashmiris and also some Pakistanis with them

  • Mitra S.
    08/22/2019 03:03


  • Rahul K.
    08/22/2019 03:03

    Why the fucking beggers have pain in there ass, why always they cry like assholes,

  • Sunil K.
    08/22/2019 03:04

    Since this nation came into existence this nation has only one dream.. it's not being developed country .. actually it is to grab Kashmir's land .. but abrogation of article 370 let their dream into dust.. so I can understand all pain

  • Sushil T.
    08/22/2019 03:04

    Cheerleaders h ye🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ashok C.
    08/22/2019 03:06

    Where is that crowd, which gathered during Modi's visit to shout Modi.... Modi.... Modi.. Whether were they hired? If bjp can collect herds of Deshbhakt during Modi's visit to show strength, why not to counter protest Pakistani clouds.

  • Pranjit K.
    08/22/2019 03:07

    Last week, I changed my WiFi password and applied some additional security settings. Now my neighbor is not happy because he was taking advantage of my Wi-Fi. He is saying that I should have consulted him before making any changes. How Funny & Strange Neighbor..🤔😳 Note: This message has no relationship with Article 370 & 35A abrogation 😜 (Copied)

  • Anitesh R.
    08/22/2019 03:07

    I wonder how uk allow this type of gathering 😆 Diff countries issues in different countries

  • Gowtham M.
    08/22/2019 03:08

    Waste of time 😂😂

  • Protyush C.
    08/22/2019 03:08

    Gathered for what?

  • Sumith N.
    08/22/2019 03:08

    We are ready to implement 370 in Pakistan , are you ready for it ???

  • Gaurav K.
    08/22/2019 03:09

    mama dass rhe c southall bda kalesh hoya

  • Mayank T.
    08/22/2019 03:09

    Unse bolo London me rahe yaha apni gand na marwain

  • Abhishek S.
    08/22/2019 03:09

    Better paki can not do more....haaaaa

  • Badari D.
    08/22/2019 03:10

    Brut is finding every opportunity to promote negative news regarding 370 recent developments.

  • Prashanth P.
    08/22/2019 03:11

    Beggers barking at other countries can't bark in India guns are open

  • Ahmad R.
    08/22/2019 03:11

    Niklo....pheli fursat me nikalo inko London se ....

  • Don S.
    08/22/2019 03:11

    INDIA is sovereign and INDEPENDENT BOTH FINANCIALLY AND SECURITY .No other country can interfere in INDIAN Govt Decisions. Kashmir is integral part of INDIA for INDIA with INDIA . IF anybody have guts to change the decision of INDIA they are free to try anything.