Indian Representative's Scathing Address At The UN General Assembly

"Today’s Security Council is an impaired organ." India's permanent representative to the UN didn't mince words as he laid into the UN's inability to reform the Security Council.

18/11/2020 12:51 PMupdated: 18/11/2020 12:52 PM
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  • Abhay N.
    22/11/2020 20:31

    Perfect reply to terroristan

  • Gaurav K.
    22/11/2020 16:14

    Nailed it

  • Meto K.
    22/11/2020 15:29

    Lots of love from Islamabad, district, union territory: Porkistan, country : India ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Syed I.
    21/11/2020 21:59

    73 years and still lingering on; oppression, suppression and genocide of Kashmiris 🤔 thats where UNs at snail's pace!! hypocrisy is out of bounds in India from head to the toe!!

  • Satish S.
    21/11/2020 17:18

    No MERCY or EXCUSE for papi PAKISTAN reject all types of business communications with PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH TILL 99YEARS 21st NOVEMBER 2119 afterwards new amendments accourding to CONSTITUTION at that time SITUATION continued or not. No MERCY or EXCUSE for CRIMINAL CULPRITS Terrorists Mullahs gangs Drug traffickers love jihadists dawood gang etc... JAI SRI RAM, HANUMAN. HARA HARA MAHADEV. VANDAEMATHARAM. NONE IS GREATER THAN SHIVABHAKATA. NONE IS GREATER THAN INDIAN DEFENCE. NONE IS smaller than me. OMNAMASHIVAY. DARMOORAKSHATHI RAKSHITHAA.

  • Arqam K.
    21/11/2020 16:29

    Modi modi....psss China at or door. No start Pakistan bashing bihar elections

  • Shashi B.
    21/11/2020 13:56

    He spoke very well. Wion channel telecasted this speech,

  • Mansoor A.
    21/11/2020 07:24

    Gadha hai likh kar laya hai k bolna kya hai!!!

  • SandyJoseph P.
    21/11/2020 07:22

    Short and sweet, to the point. Bravo.

  • Yasir K.
    20/11/2020 19:37

    Come on being the representative at such a high forum say something on your own behalf raise your head at least a single time from the script it's not a movie scene

  • Edwin N.
    20/11/2020 14:30

    Jai hind 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Tabrej A.
    20/11/2020 05:57

    His speech is good. But what about today's situation of journalism,poor infra of resources in any industry

  • Adhipatya S.
    19/11/2020 11:20

    bhai ne dheere se debating pe shot leliya ye sahi nahi kiya

  • Abdul S.
    19/11/2020 04:30


  • Nikhil B.
    18/11/2020 18:17


  • Venkataraman S.
    18/11/2020 14:29

    India Pakistan must pull out troops from Kashmir give them autonomous nation otherwise no difference between uno terrorist and india Pak

  • Venkataraman S.
    18/11/2020 14:25

    Wonderful all know uno support terrorist organisation seeks funds too all work for mining bankers destabilize whole region for mining indians shouldn't send force to uno all working for big devil corporate in seira leone

  • Yaqoob B.
    18/11/2020 14:19

    So, India a tumour and cancerous organ must be removed from UNSC...!!

  • Manzar H.
    18/11/2020 14:18

    Look who is talking, the one who always denied UN security council resolutions and reports on kashmir and keep killing innocents in the valley. Actually India is edging closer to be declared as fascist country.

  • Dablu D.
    18/11/2020 14:04

    JK is removed from UNs disputed territory very quitely. Time for some.burnol moments pakis.

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