• Anant R.
    28/12/2018 08:59

    Stupid peoples

  • Khan K.
    30/05/2018 00:13

    Doesn't matter how clean you are, but Hindu or Idolaters will be unclean as long as they keep worshiping idols. God says in Quran: O you who believe ! Verily, the Mushrikun (idolaters) are Najasun (impure). So let them not come near Al-Masjid-al-Haram (at Makkah) after this year, and if you fear poverty (due to reduce trade from them), Allah will enrich you if He will, out of His Bounty. Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. (Quran 9:28)

  • Premchand V.
    04/04/2018 17:44

    Sir they have jury system

  • Aman R.
    03/04/2018 02:33

    Population is very less in Japan that's the main reason..

  • Tommy P.
    18/03/2018 19:57

    kandu padi dirty litterbug.

  • Kannan S.
    14/03/2018 16:34

    we ppl know only to attack school bus for the sake of movie😑

  • Omkar K.
    14/03/2018 15:20

    Indian sirf pakistanio se compare krenge Saalo ye log naam ke emotional aur cultural hai Laude sb chikna ghada ka dikhawa hai Ghanta inlogo se ummid kroge

  • Durga E.
    14/03/2018 02:18

    No. We won't follow others. But someone follow our culture. We feel proud of our culture.

  • Lovepreet S.
    05/03/2018 21:01

    Pehle padmavati ka decide krlo kya karna hai?

  • Riicho T.
    28/02/2018 14:56

    People who say that this is not possible in India should check out the traffic discipline of Aizwal.

  • Venkat R.
    28/02/2018 03:37

    Zee boom baa - can you make this happen - mute

  • Yahiaoui F.
    22/02/2018 22:26

    You can not compare a 1.3 Billion people nation (india) with 127 Millions people country (Japan)

  • Taz S.
    21/02/2018 01:22

    Quality is too low

  • Abul K.
    19/02/2018 12:34

    Jawahar J Yogi

  • Pramod R.
    18/02/2018 17:12

    India me logo ko dusre kya Khate hai uska jyada tension hai baaki cheese toh baad ki baat hai

  • Pushkarini V.
    18/02/2018 13:56

    Firstly Indians have to leave there ego of thinking he or she is great and right all the time. Things will automatically change

  • Anil G.
    18/02/2018 10:34

    We can't believe me when I said that because we have developed an habit called cheating for money for women, rep although those were very good habits for us I wish we can

  • Vipin K.
    18/02/2018 09:12

    Mmm....not today ,may be 1000 decades later. ..in India...because, India is enriched with more stupids ....

  • Martin W.
    18/02/2018 06:44

    I don't know about the Japanese but in my personal experience with Indians it's very hard to achieve this with them. Some things must come from within a person in order to influence the society. Human qualities such as honor,respect and honesty forms the bases and many of them lack it.

  • Rajesh T.
    17/02/2018 19:14

    In India it will never happen

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