Justin Trudeau Calls Out Islamophobia In Canada

That defining moment in Canada’s Parliament when Justin Trudeau acknowledged his country’s racism problem. He was speaking after 4 members of a Muslim family were run over by a truck because of their faith.

11/06/2021 10:57 AM
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  • Bill H.
    2 hours

    How can a country of such nice people have a turd like this as their leader?

  • Martin L.
    3 hours

    In a muslim country it would not be mentioned if the killed were of another faith...

  • Amal K.
    4 hours

    Aren’t you read Quran and Hadith? There is no islamophobia they have phobia towards to all other religions.

  • Shirley D.
    7 hours

    News flash…..Racism,Islamaphobia, Genoside,are practiced in all countries around this world for centuries and are a fact of life . It’s how each country deals with it that becomes the question.

  • Mohammad S.
    7 hours

    লজ্জাটা আসলে আমাদের মুসলমানদের, কোন মুসলিম উন্নত দেশ মুসলমানদের স্থায়ী ভাবে বসবাস করতে দেয় না। আপনি যত দীর্ঘ সময়ই এইসব দেশে বসবাস করেন না কেন সময় ফুরালে আপনাকে আপনার দেশে ফিরত আসতেই হবে। অন্যদিকে কিছু আইন কানুন মেনে একটা নির্দিষ্ট সময় পশ্চিমা বা উন্নত অমুসলিম দেশে বসবাস করলে তারা আপনাকে তাদের দেশে থাকতে দিবে (স্থায়ী ভাবে)। খারাপ লাগে যখন আমরা তাদের দেশে যাওয়ার জন্য মরিয়া হয়ে থাকি কিন্তু সুযোগ পেলেই অমুসলিম বলে গালাগাল করি। In a sence আমরা আসলেই বড়ই অকৃতঙগ। কিছু অসহিষ্ণু মুসলিম তাদের সন্ত্রাসী কাজের মাধ্যমে পৃথিবীটাকে মুসলমানদের জন্য ঝুঁকিপূর্ণ করে দিয়েছে। মুসলিম দেশগুলো (সিরিয়া, ইরাক, পাকিস্তান, আফগানিস্তান ইত্যাদি) দৈনিক কত লোক মারা যায়, তা নিয়ে অধিকাংশ মুসলমানদের কোন অনুভূতি আজকাল দেখা যায় না, যেনো গা সোয়া হয়ে গেছে। কিন্তু ইসলামফবিয়া আমাদের খুব গায়ে লাগে, কেমন যেনো একচোখা জিনিসটা। 😔

  • Novia M.
    7 hours


  • Mehedi H.
    7 hours

    Anti-Muslim hatred is very sad in the world. In fact, if we try to understand Islam properly, we will never have a negative reaction towards Islam in the hearts of people. About the correct religion of Islam ,Islam is the religion of humanity, the religion of brotherhood, the bridge of love for people, Islam has taught Muslims there is no place for hatred here 🤲🕋✌

  • Shane C.
    9 hours

    Its gonna happen that muslims will be attacked, and its only muslims that want a world wide Islamic world.

  • Darya
    9 hours

    Foreigners fight for their rights in those countries when they don't share their beliefs, and they do the same thing in their own countries to people who don't share their beliefs! Wow epic! :))

  • Hakeem S.
    9 hours

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  • Fari M.
    14 hours

    Very Sad! Why human can't be Just human🙏 & just accept one another !..

  • Khgold Y.
    15 hours

    Say no to Islamophobia, this is pathetic 😒. It's very hard to accept this fate,loosen a family member it's a great pain.may Almighty Allah put the love ❤ of others In our minds. God will continue to bless Canada 🇨🇦🙏

  • منٰی ا.
    16 hours

    There are reasons why he's always my favorite politician.

  • Cayle F.
    17 hours

    I'm not trying to take away from this incident however... where was Justin with the discovery of over 200+ native children's bodies ??? They must not have enough voter base to muster a real charge from our p.m. .. I just hate Trudeau That is all.

  • Neetpg A.
    18 hours

    The man who will unite the world and lead in future defeating the evils of usa , uk , china and india.

  • Bhatt M.
    18 hours

    Humans cannot rid themselves from racism as long as human race is alive

  • Gedion B.
    19 hours

    When they say something about your ethnic group or the color of your skin or your country then they're objectifying and categorizing you. If we can only exist in a world where no one say such things and if we can only say we are from earth, we are human beings, we're not animals only then maybe racism won't exist. 😓

  • Darcy B.
    19 hours

    A tragedy for sure, wrong and sad. Islam is not a race and Trudeau is a vile, worthless ,virtual signaling piece of crap hated by most of the population outside the metropolitan areas of eastetn canada. He is no saint. Condolences to the muslim community.

  • Benjamin H.
    20 hours

    Uhhhh yall already forget this dude going full out black face or do we just shove that under the rug?

  • Meer A.
    21 hours

    Great PM justin Trudeau