Meet Karl Marx

He's one of the West's most influential political philosophers. Centuries ago, he was already slamming the British empire for the economic ruin it brought to India. This is his life story.

29/12/2019 11:57 AM
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  • Bojja S.
    20/04/2020 03:36

    Waste fellow

  • Ganesh K.
    23/01/2020 10:37

    I hate leftist

  • Shilton P.
    22/01/2020 15:37

    Bikiran Roy #Workersoftheworldunite

  • Yogesh S.
    22/01/2020 05:38

    Not less than a criminal

  • Aswani N.
    22/01/2020 02:34

    रेड सैल्यूट कोमरेड साहब

  • Ajay S.
    21/01/2020 15:03

    The person only live in dream land his theory doesn't work at democracy and in modern world

  • Saket D.
    21/01/2020 05:31

    The theory of Carl marx gave birth to leaders like hitler,china.. reason for broken ussr ..

  • Sidhu B.
    21/01/2020 05:31

    Yeah he and his fony comrades are rejected today. 😂

  • Saket D.
    21/01/2020 05:29

    Ideology of communist in india are on the doxy of muslims crutches ☺️☺️

  • Amal G.
    20/01/2020 13:06

    And you need a capitalistic social media and sponsored page to market his biography... 😂😂😂 Epic.. An unsuccessful , irrelevant ideology Now a days marxisam is just an another Semitic-religion. That's all ..

  • Surajit D.
    20/01/2020 09:53

    Revolution(fight,war) begins in comment box 😂😂😂

  • Arkadyuti S.
    18/01/2020 19:28


  • Hari K.
    18/01/2020 16:03

    His ideas are dumb ideas are not appropriate for Indians, so get your ass out.

  • Yash M.
    18/01/2020 10:29

    Lol Salam

  • Nirbhay J.
    18/01/2020 10:18

    Spreading communism.

  • Gov I.
    18/01/2020 01:00

    Yes..... his theories in practice have not worked and his followers have been responsible for probably the biggest loss of human lives based on forcing or direct result of the unrealistic policies. Name one country where it has worked and survived. In ex-communist countries the people themselves who lived under the bullshit theories would never want it back again. For some reason Indian Marxists ignore the fact there is not a shred of evidence that his theories ever worked out well for the countries or the people. It created dictatorships and misery for millions in the communist countries. Indian Marxists and Communists 🤦‍♂️. Thankfully - a dying breed.

  • Supratim M.
    17/01/2020 21:11

    Socialism is good when you mix democracy and republic with it... Socialism along cannot stand for long

  • Aniket C.
    17/01/2020 13:17

    Red salute cum raid!

  • Shiba N.
    17/01/2020 07:43

    An unsuccessful and irrelevant idea and ideology.

  • Suraj S.
    16/01/2020 23:33

    Why don’t you produce this video on your website for US or even France? Scared of supporting the communist ideology in a country like US & loosing your audience? Instead you choose to present him & his ideology in a positive light for the Indian audience. Nice try! Also, please make another video about the number of deaths communism has caused in the last century wherever it set its foot.

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