She Could Be The First Hindu US President

She would be youngest, first woman, first Hindu president in American history. And she is already on good terms with the Indian Prime Minister. 🇮🇳🇺🇸🗳

01/15/2019 11:37 AM
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  • Sujani K.
    01/15/2019 11:39

    She is junk. Don't promote her Brut

  • Sathish M.
    01/15/2019 11:41

    Now I believe in Modi wave😂

  • Dani K.
    01/15/2019 11:44

    No for sure

  • Arunesh M.
    01/15/2019 11:46


  • Srabana G.
    01/15/2019 11:48

    What is this Hindu shit? India is a secular country and it is more important to keep it sanctified. It'll be great if she could recognize herself as an American-Indian and not just a "Hindu".

  • Krunal P.
    01/15/2019 11:49

    Better to say Indian origin candidate for president....other than "Hindu" secular

  • Yatin S.
    01/15/2019 11:50


  • Fibin J.
    01/15/2019 11:51

    Junk.. 💩💩💩.. She will never be a good candidate... amd if she really is a democratic( the party sucks), she can never be in good terms with indian prime minister.

  • Arjun K.
    01/15/2019 11:52

    She won't make it past primaries

  • Pratik K.
    01/15/2019 11:52

    Mitesh Kumar Vaibhav Prakash

  • Kripaja V.
    01/15/2019 11:54

    Will Americans consider her anti nationalist

  • Charles M.
    01/15/2019 11:56

    Thank you and Namaste.Jai Shri Krishna.

  • Nataraj B.
    01/15/2019 11:58

    Then why can't ' Christian'. Trump be India's president ???? Think ??

  • Soumyadeep D.
    01/15/2019 12:05

    Harsh Chittora mandir Wahi Banega <3

  • Ravindra M.
    01/15/2019 12:05

    Hope so.let be her official candidate.

  • Arindam M.
    01/15/2019 12:06

    I dont think she can be elected though.. coz of white and catholic nationalist and KKK

  • Bharat J.
    01/15/2019 12:07

    Best of luck

  • Ramesh R.
    01/15/2019 12:08

    These are all stories in the absence of any scientific evidence

  • Sai A.
    01/15/2019 12:08

    She held stoic anti-gay views and is even said to have propagated conversion therapy to 'straighten' people out. And she is not even close to being within 500 meters of the democratic party's nominee so I really don't see the point of this article. I mean yes, information is empowering, but she is a rookie within the party ranks, a small player. So other than her being Hindu and having a name that would resonate with Indian audiences, there's really not much to takeaway from this video. She'll never be president. AOC might have a better chance than her.

  • Amartya C.
    01/15/2019 12:10

    Ohhhh , Americans beware...she is modi in disguise