She Could Be the First Indian-American US President

She was the first Indian-American to break through to the Senate. Kamala Harris is a presidential hopeful, but will she win the Indian-American vote? 🇺🇸🗳

29/01/2019 1:33 AM
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  • Savio N.
    12/10/2020 15:14

  • Amita J.
    24/02/2020 14:39

    She’s also Jamaican too ! I know that the Caribbeans have hundreds of islands ❤️

  • Deepak G.
    27/02/2019 11:13

    She's a total crap, power hungry and greedy woman. Such a sad thing that she has Indian roots

  • Siddhartha M.
    26/02/2019 08:19

    She is basically a fraud. His father has denounced him already.

  • Ganesh R.
    25/02/2019 03:39

    जयहिन्द जयकिशन जी राम राम जी स'जीता जो

  • Sri B.
    25/02/2019 00:54

    She can't win. End of story

  • Khadija B.
    24/02/2019 17:22

    You mean african American

  • Vigneshwar R.
    24/02/2019 03:56

    She is useless and corrupt... She has got a lot of Indian in her (corruption)

  • Stephen M.
    22/02/2019 00:05

    she is not going to be president. She has no one to sleep with to get her the nomination.

  • Rekha L.
    21/02/2019 17:13

    She is more if India,though her mother is from India(Tamil)

  • Kiran T.
    20/02/2019 19:58

    She knows how to fool Americans just like modi

  • Kannan R.
    19/02/2019 14:21

    On seeing the news for the president post in USA we are going to see a tough fight in this election. Whether anybody elected to this post we want unity and also in all the ways of life.

  • Lalrinnunga N.
    19/02/2019 08:37

    Please take Lalu with her.

  • Siddhartha M.
    18/02/2019 05:46

    Kamala Harris is a fraud and shame for all Indians.

  • Shruti B.
    12/02/2019 11:16

    She's disgusting as shit

  • Raunak T.
    11/02/2019 17:03

    Identity politics..proper democrat.Trump is best for USA.

  • Rakesh S.
    10/02/2019 20:14

    Tulsi is best

  • Tejaswini M.
    10/02/2019 19:27


  • Ravi S.
    10/02/2019 05:25

    Why the fuck does Brut promote Kamala Harris?

  • David K.
    08/02/2019 20:20

    she clearly said our African American community

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