Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, The Lion Of Kashmir

He once said, "Where law is not based on the will of the people, it can lead to the suppression of their aspirations." Meet the Lion of Kashmir.

08/08/2019 9:43 AM
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  • Ajit V.
    08/08/2019 09:49

    Lion? Is it? Are you guys on drugs?

  • Anuragsinghji V.
    08/08/2019 09:49

    Lion or Fox?

  • Mihai R.
    08/08/2019 09:51

    🦁 or 🐕 ? He wasn't messiah for his own people..

  • Pawan D.
    08/08/2019 09:51

    तुम फेंकते रह गए "" पत्थर"" और 😂😂 उन्होंने हटा दी "तीन सौ सत्तर"

  • Prakram B.
    08/08/2019 09:51

    Lion? He was a Mouse

  • Manish S.
    08/08/2019 09:52

    Nehru hagapa

  • Ashish M.
    08/08/2019 09:52

    Fuck brute

  • Kartikeya S.
    08/08/2019 09:53

    Brut India is so anti BJP that in doing so they praise some of the most corrupt and anti national people.

  • Deepanjan K.
    08/08/2019 09:54

    Brut Madarchod

  • Parag L.
    08/08/2019 09:56


  • Rohit R.
    08/08/2019 09:57


  • Dheeraj D.
    08/08/2019 09:57

    Brut India, are you hiring only communist dumbs..?? Yes correctly said Sir but if the people of the state are suppressed and thrown away like trash so that Big guys like you enjoy power and populate with people of retarted mentality, what about those innocent people's aspirations. Kashmir doesn't belong to just one type rather all have right over kashmir. All toxic material materials needs to be recycled.

  • Sameer B.
    08/08/2019 09:57

    I am unfollowing this page

  • Ravi K.
    08/08/2019 09:58

    Brut or shit page😂😂😂

  • Mohit V.
    08/08/2019 10:00


  • Parag L.
    08/08/2019 10:01 He is who run trt world n brut india

  • Nouman A.
    08/08/2019 10:02

    According to 3 june plan of 1947. The Muslim majority states in india belongs to newly created state of Pakistan. That's why Pakistan is still fighting for the land of kashmir. The history will witness Pakistan will never forget its land (kashmir) till the last drop of blood.

  • Yash S.
    08/08/2019 10:03

    Well, he's a lion depending on what side you're on. But I definitely understand the amount of respect Kashmiris have for him. He really deserves it

  • যুগল ন.
    08/08/2019 10:03

    If you think JK is not a part of India then wrong.. rest of india and citizen believed that JK is integral part of India. Majority must be granted.

  • Marib R.
    08/08/2019 10:07