The Baluch of Pakistan Say They Have Long Been Marginalised

The Baluch people are very poor but they're sitting on a goldmine.

06/10/2018 2:30 AM
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  • Qayoom A.
    09/05/2018 19:03

    Freedom Baluchistan

  • Qayoom A.
    09/05/2018 19:02

    We R Baluch not Pakistani

  • Qayoom A.
    09/05/2018 19:01

    Baluchistan is not pokistan panjupi

  • Qayoom A.
    09/05/2018 19:00

    Pakistani army occupied Baluchistan 1948

  • Qayoom A.
    09/05/2018 18:59

    Pakistan killing Baluch

  • Manish K.
    07/18/2018 04:02

    every indian baluchistan ke logo ke sath hai.n yr ye kya pakistan ko . isreal ko tum hra nhi paye the . india ko to bhool jao

  • Ajit S.
    07/17/2018 07:37

    The information given by Ameer is fake and unlimited India is a democratic country every 5 years and in J&k every 6 years elections are being conducted as per constitution of india and the the whole country is being govern by the elected body ie sarkar as far as algavvadi, they are Atankvadi

  • Ajit S.
    07/17/2018 07:22

    Pakistan ki buri naxar hai us per

  • Hanzala F.
    07/15/2018 17:24

    rajnesh dube ko Kyu nhi apni ideology dikhate bolo Meri ideology dekhna h to Quran padhle samjh aajaega

  • Rajnesh D.
    07/15/2018 06:48

    Shame on your ideology

  • Kumud S.
    07/08/2018 18:02

    Pakistan army killed Baluch Leader , what if India do same with separatist leaders.... Thats the difference...

  • Shafqat A.
    07/08/2018 02:48

    More then 40 % in india they don't have a toilets for public 50% pepoles they want freedom but they always thinking about pakistan will be a batter if they think about self and for indian people's .

  • Shahrukh F.
    07/05/2018 14:38

    Fake annexation news and should be bloody ashamed of spreading this moronic fake news Bastards are in an immense ammiunt in this bloody toilet less country

  • Fahim H.
    07/04/2018 14:20 tactics

  • Muhammad S.
    06/30/2018 19:01

    Ok now lets talk abt khalistan, kashmir assam, Hyderabad and on and on... Dnt throw stones towrd us as u r livin in a glass house.. Deal ur rape cases first..

  • Muhammad A.
    06/26/2018 03:43

    Wrong info! Baloch r in Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Bahrain Oman n a lot of other countries! They r locals in their respective Gulf countries and call themselves as ‘Al Balushi’

  • Lager V.
    06/25/2018 06:38

    Well as an Indian .. I must say brut must make videos about India as well. India annexed Hyderabad deccan and Berar. Looted all our wealth took it to New Delhi and still hold our wealth. India annexed many other states and looted there natural resources one is Kashmir and other are in Gujrat . So make those videos as well.

  • Faiza K.
    06/23/2018 20:10

    Fake report

  • Anurag M.
    06/23/2018 18:50

    this will happen to "independent kashmir"

  • Sallar K.
    06/23/2018 17:48

    Saddam Khan What do you say ?