This is Wagner, Putin's brutal shadow army

They’re accused of human rights violations around the world. Now, Ukraine’s government claims they are on a mission to kill President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This is the Wagner group, Putin’s brutal shadow army.

03/04/2022 2:57 PM
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  • Dafnis J.
    01/05/2022 13:01

    Bull shi..... , now blaming Russia of performing western methods, the industry of mercenaries is legal, guess where.

  • Simon H.
    10/04/2022 08:03

    Putin needs to pay for mercenaries because his Russia army isn't good enough.

  • Shoaib K.
    10/04/2022 01:28

    Russia's black water

  • の女 謎.
    08/04/2022 11:49

    God help Ukrainian to be safe from evil

  • OdysseyAlbert X.
    06/04/2022 06:33

    We will give you an Oscar award for this clip

  • OdysseyAlbert X.
    06/04/2022 06:20

    I should give you an Oscar award videos you share

  • James L.
    06/04/2022 03:57

    What’s the difference with US pmc??

  • Sampad M.
    05/04/2022 17:44

    This joker usa puppet should keep his mouth shut

  • Azhar S.
    05/04/2022 16:52

    start propeganda against putin

  • Alen A.
    05/04/2022 14:27

    "My Lai Massacre" in Vietnam- whole village butchered by US soldiers except one villager escaped to tell the horrific story. History records US genocide against Native Americans, Africans, massacres in Southeast Asia, Middle East

  • John P.
    05/04/2022 10:23

    deal in facts not insults if you have nothing to say to the debate

  • Jun B.
    05/04/2022 07:02

    more western media propaganda fuckry!

  • Hakim N.
    05/04/2022 06:30

    Jew published

  • OdysseyAlbert X.
    05/04/2022 02:51

    Enough with false accusations again Russia, truth will never die, it is Russia s victory, uraa

  • Polo M.
    05/04/2022 02:46

    How to join the wagner group? I can join to silence tge spreaders and mi ds of fake news and lies so that TRUTH will prevail in this society.

  • Felicito B.
    04/04/2022 19:19

    Better wipe them up all including their last blood line they belong to the blood of evils all of them

  • Asmat A.
    04/04/2022 19:00

    Similar to their American cousins....

  • Indrajit T.
    04/04/2022 18:17

    Is it like blackwaters

  • Arijit B.
    04/04/2022 16:25

    Is the same Blackwater guys?

  • Zara H.
    04/04/2022 13:41

    God bless Russia and Chechnya Amen

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