Trudeau On Trump: The Case Of The Curious Pause

It took Justin Trudeau 21 seconds before he could start talking about Trump’s handling of the George Floyd protests. Did you wonder why?

04/06/2020 5:12 PM
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  • Haethena Z.
    01/09/2021 12:30

    That i M a fool

  • David G.
    19/06/2020 12:01

    Sad this fool is our leader. Who care about the USA.

  • Vicki K.
    19/06/2020 01:29

    The question is asking him to judge Trump.

  • Neha S.
    10/06/2020 13:59

    He is a gem 👌

  • Zakia S.
    10/06/2020 13:24

    The reporter was probably a Conservative supporter, thought he could get Trudeau to trip up, and look bad to the rest of us, but was unsuccessful. Mr. Trudeau obviously had to choose his words carefully, but get his point across. He also didn't have to criticize Trump as the whole world knows what everyone thinks of him! All visible minorities in this country love him.. The Trudeau family is OUR family...

  • Francesco R.
    10/06/2020 09:12

    it should not be easy to say something about your neighbor that is very dangerous and is armed

  • Anni A.
    09/06/2020 07:17


  • Vipul P.
    08/06/2020 16:32

    why would canada comment on usa when all countries have their internal problems

  • Mesha N.
    08/06/2020 13:46

    Love and respect ✊

  • Deepa A.
    07/06/2020 07:51

    He must be good human being..

  • Deepa D.
    07/06/2020 06:34

    Wise pm

  • Deepa D.
    07/06/2020 06:34

    Wise guy

  • Deepa D.
    06/06/2020 21:56

    OMG the longest pause ever He probably is embarrassed by Trump's actions but has to be politically correct too

  • Rubina M.
    06/06/2020 13:14

    No difference between when he says something and when he doesn't. He is a politician they are good at giving long speeches and saying nothing.It's a skill!

  • Sravani P.
    06/06/2020 11:25

    Exactly 20 seconds....?????

  • Samantha G.
    06/06/2020 11:10

    Newsfeed confusion...pathetic

  • Sanchiyta K.
    06/06/2020 09:52

    He is wise and Prudent with his choice of words .He did not criticise Mr Trump which the reporter might have wanted him to do ....but he did show his disapproval of what is happening in USA..He is sensible not to criticise and at the same time he is also telling and assuring that he is being just in his services to his country for which he is appointed for .👏👏👏Good enough .

  • Michael P.
    06/06/2020 08:58

    The media should ask the UN

  • Chandansingh P.
    06/06/2020 06:49

    He was snubbed in his India visit for some reason 😎

  • Fer M.
    06/06/2020 05:16

    He did answer the question the clever people heard the answer within the 21 seconds of his silent reply