Where Is Sheikha Latifa?

The BBC revealed that while Sheikha Latifa was trying to flee the UAE, her boat was allegedly intercepted by commandos and she said she was transferred to an Indian military ship. “I want to get asylum,” she said she told them. Instead, she was handed over to their Emirati counterparts. Three years later, we have her secret videos...

19/02/2021 4:27 PM
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  • Onuwdiwo B.
    08/05/2021 03:03

    I don't care what you've done, how black your sins are, how smutty your life is; Jesus Christ is knocking at your heart's door to forgive you, no matter who you are. Jesus Christ loves you.

  • Onuwdiwo B.
    08/05/2021 03:03

    Only Jesus Christ Our God and Our Creator only can save us from death. Isaiah 9: 6, Revelation 1: 8, John 1:10, 5: 21-25,40 6: 23-48, 51-58, 63, 8: 51. 11: 25-26. 1 Corinthians 15:22. Jesus Christ is coming anytime repent.

  • Onuwdiwo B.
    08/05/2021 03:03

    No matter how rich you might be, No matter how you can be, No matter who you might be, The greatest thing there is that any man can achieve in these Earth, Is To Achieve ETERNAL LIFE .. Amen..60-0304 ... THIRSTING FOR LIFE ..

  • Onuwdiwo B.
    08/05/2021 03:03

    Je me fiche de ce que vous avez fait, de la noirceur de vos péchés, de la saleté de votre vie; Jésus-Christ frappe à la porte de votre cœur pour vous pardonner, peu importe qui vous êtes. Jésus-Christ vous aime.

  • Onuwdiwo B.
    08/05/2021 03:03

    SI VOUS AVEZ FAIT UNE ERREUR. Une femme a fait une erreur, un homme a fait une erreur, un garçon, une fille a fait une erreur, ne sombrez pas. Criez de désespoir: "Seigneur, sauve-moi ou je périrai." Soyez désespéré à ce sujet. Dieu vous entendra. Il entend toujours une âme désespérée. C'est ce que j'essaie de vous dire à propos de «Jésus-Christ vient bientôt. Désespoir 63-0901e

  • Onuwdiwo B.
    08/05/2021 03:03

    Seul Jésus-Christ, notre Dieu et notre créateur, peut nous sauver de la mort. Ésaïe 9: 6, Révélation 1: 8, Jean 1:10, 5: 21-25,40 6: 23-48, 51-58, 63, 8: 51. 11: 25-26. 1 Corinthiens 15:22. Jésus-Christ vient à tout moment, repentez-vous.

  • Onuwdiwo B.
    08/05/2021 03:03

    وحده يسوع المسيح إلهنا وخالقنا وحده يستطيع أن يخلصنا من الموت. إشعياء 9: 6 ، رؤيا 1: 8 ، يوحنا 1:10 ، 5: 21-25 ، 40 6: 23-48 ، 51-58 ، 63 ، 8: 51. 11: 25-26. 1 كورنثوس 15:22. يسوع المسيح قادم في أي وقت يتوب.

  • Zeeshan S.
    08/03/2021 05:09

    Perfect blend to start sanctions on country 😂😁😁😁😂

  • Faiza A.
    04/03/2021 11:12

    Yeah seriously ur daddy who can house arrest / imprisoned u would not have foreseen this while giving every access to gadgets and internet .. i dnt know why hypocrites like give bad name to their families, societies, culture and religion ..

  • Harshini K.
    26/02/2021 19:00

    Dnt mean to be rude... but with no access to anything she could make a video and have it posted on social media🤔

  • Prateeksha B.
    26/02/2021 06:56

    Can't you see she is making story up . First he has eyebrows done 😂👍🏻 in captivity confinement police can't allow beaution in villa 😎

  • Rachna S.
    25/02/2021 19:24

    Sometimes FREEDOM is much harder to get, when you expect from your own family members and ask them to give you justice,,,, they sometimes think that the world will harm there children, They should sit and sort out the problem, why her father don't want to let her go,,,,,, it's very difficult to understand,,,,,, may God keep her safe,

  • Sohail Z.
    24/02/2021 18:33

    Propaganda? Has full access to max factor

  • Asim K.
    24/02/2021 08:20


  • Huggee A.
    24/02/2021 06:30

    Princess my ass common sense guys hostage with the cell phone just one word

  • Satrangi H.
    24/02/2021 04:45

  • Rafi J.
    23/02/2021 11:28

    Richie rich dramas..

  • Rafi J.
    23/02/2021 11:25

    Its a family business.. non of ours

  • Nitesh K.
    23/02/2021 04:59

    Biased media .BBC CNN AND AL JAZEERA . I don’t think the Indian media you mentioned covered the princesses story . Anyway it’s a free world and I can choose which media I want unless people like you want to dictate what media one should choose . That’s facist way of controlling people . Jai hind . Bharat mata ki jai

  • Nitesh K.
    22/02/2021 22:00

    She s not all there : she’s making some of it up .

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