1. How do owls hunt?

  2. 3 citizen-led initiatives to clean the seas

  3. Fingal's Cave has been a source of inspiration for centuries

  4. How to use less water

  5. What's going on inside a recycling center

  6. This bird went extinct and came back to life thousands of years after

  7. The rainbow eucalyptus is one of the most stunning trees

  8. The story of the Tsavo man-eating lions

  9. Discover the biggest flower on Earth

  10. 3 amazing landscapes to see in China

  11. The story of the Aral Sea’s disappearance

  12. How to make eco-friendly deodorant

  13. This white humpback whale is a popular icon in Australia

  14. What is the difference between stalactites and stalagmites?

  15. 3 techniques to find your way in the woods

  16. How do tadpoles become frogs?

  17. Here is why sloths have green fur

  18. New Mexico's striking Carlsbad Cavern

  19. Could "smokers" be the origin of life on Earth?

  20. Interview with Agathe about her hearing dog

  21. Drugs and pesticides: a pollution invisible to the naked eye

  22. How salmon swim upstream

  23. Leaking nuclear waste dome in the Marshall Islands

  24. Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland

  25. Indonesia: this is the largest highly acidic lake in the world

  26. Sociable weaver nests provide shelter to many birds

  27. What to do if you encounter a snake

  28. Yakushima's magical cedar forest

  29. Fly Geyser in Nevada is a manmade wonder

  30. Sailing stones of Racetrack Playa, a mysterious phenomenon

  31. These people joined the "fertile disobedience" movement to protect nature

  32. This is one of the most invasive aquatic plants in the world

  33. If there were only 100 animals on Earth...

  34. How did the great auk go extinct?

  35. How to make your own zero-waste lip balm

  36. Behind the scenes: Activists crash the Louis Vuitton show

  37. The metamorphosis of a stalk-eyed fly

  38. Hvítserkur, a majestic dark monolith in Iceland

  39. What is ethological equitation?

  40. SUVs are a major source of pollution

  41. The Iberian lynx is no longer critically endangered

  42. Meet Delle the robot dolphin

  43. Japan's glowing Kochia Hill

  44. Your Waste Can Kill. This Turtle Was Lucky

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  45. This family is living an eco-friendly lifestyle

  46. The roof of the world is melting

  47. The false killer whale, a little-known cetacean

  48. Is the European hedgehog threatened with extinction?

  49. 5 indigenous leaders fighting for the planet

  50. Niue declared world's first 'Dark Sky nation'

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