1. The training of police dogs

  2. This giant wave in Brazil causes significant damage

  3. Austria's magical Green Lake disappears in winter

  4. Rare footage of Brazil tribe

  5. The durian is threatening forests in Malaysia

  6. This is how mosquitoes choose their targets

  7. What is Sand?

  8. How to go on vacation in an eco-friendly way

  9. Mexico: this breeder is trying to save axolotls from extinction

  10. The Pyrenees are home to a spectacular natural amphitheater

  11. French Guiana: soldiers are fighting against gold trafficking

  12. A giant jellyfish spotted in the southwest of the UK

  13. How cicadas sing

  14. This Is How Bad India’s Monsoon Can Get

  15. Intensive production of cranberries is harming the environment

  16. Operation Thunderball: Thousands of wild animals seized

  17. Garden eels exist in various kinds of species

  18. This temple in India is home to "extinct" turtles

  19. This bikeway takes you through the Alsatian vineyards

  20. Get Sun Protection That Respects the Environment

  21. A ray of hope for North Atlantic right whales

  22. This firefly sanctuary aims to halt deforestation in this Mexican park

  23. How can big cats and livestock breeders coexist?

  24. The gigantic pirarucu fish is making a comeback

  25. Greenpeace is trying to save endangered leatherback turtles

  26. Global tourism is responsible for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions

  27. This is one of the most popular parks in Brussels

  28. Austria's Parliament has voted to totally ban glyphosate

  29. Deadliest Weather Event

  30. Back to nature with environmental activist Rob Greenfield's

  31. A ray of hope for the world's heaviest parrot

  32. The EU approved a ban on single-use plastics

  33. This is what happens to used contact lenses

  34. The International Whaling Commission in Brazil

  35. Inuk activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier on the "right to be cold"

  36. Where does our garbage end up?

  37. Iceberg Alley is the perfect spot for iceberg viewing

  38. The real situation for polar bears worldwide

  39. Drought forces Namibia to auction 1,000 wild animals

  40. How starfish move around

  41. This viral photo shows the unusual ice melt in Greenland

  42. Why we need to save the permafrost

  43. 3 amazing landscapes in the western United States

  44. The benefits of Goji berries

  45. This family is living an eco-friendly lifestyle

  46. Activists tried to block a huge coal mine in Germany

  47. Many animals master basic math

  48. The big 5 mass extinctions on Earth

  49. Interview with the Mayor of Sydney

  50. Gulf of Mexico: this "dead zone" could be one of the largest recorded

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