1. How pets communicate with their tails

  2. What if trees could improve our health?

  3. These youtubers discuss the water crisis in Guinea

  4. The fossa is a threatened species endemic to Madagascar

  5. This online shop is bringing back reusable packaging

  6. 1 million species are now in danger of extinction

  7. How do horned lizards defend themselves?

  8. Portugal: cows are returning to the wild

  9. This Quebec grocery store is close to zero waste

  10. Living root bridges made of living plants

  11. A cigarette surfboard to raise awareness about plastic pollution

  12. What is the most painful insect sting in the world?

  13. Bulgaria: three bear cubs released back into the wild

  14. El Caminito del Rey reopened to the public in 2015

  15. This is one of the most harmful insects in the world

  16. Costa Rica is moving toward carbon neutrality

  17. New York: no more meat on Mondays at school cafeterias

  18. All these animals are threatened by humans

  19. 3 remarkable animals you can find in Australia

  20. Interview with cacique Tanoné: "I worry about my people"

  21. French farmers rise against the reintroduction of bears in the Pyrenees

  22. How phasmids manage to remain undetected

  23. New York City passes Climate Mobilization Act

  24. Mount Everest : mountain climbers leave their trash behind

  25. The Pacific geoduck is central to a flourishing industry

  26. Interview with Vincent Callebaut about new pioneering urban models

  27. The first solar park funded, created and managed by citizens

  28. Zurich was elected the "world's most sustainable city"

  29. Huashan attracts several thousands of tourists each year

  30. Southern resident killer whales could soon disappear

  31. This Yangtze giant softshell turtle has just died

  32. Why the bald uakari has a bright red face

  33. London's new vehicle tax against pollution

  34. In Cambodia, tarantulas are victims of hunting and deforestation

  35. David Attenborough's reminder about the global crisis

  36. The American Hike: from Argentina to Canada by foot

  37. Interview with Anne Quéméré, on her solo expedition

  38. Manneken Pis: a little fountain wasting a lot of water

  39. 5 good news stories for the planet

  40. Fast fashion and its environmental impact

  41. This French hiking trail is one of the longest in Europe

  42. More than 40 animals save from a neglected zoo in Rafah

  43. The Ocean Cleanup project is revealing its limitations

  44. NGO Sea Shepherd reveals the ocean's "distress call"

  45. In Pennsylvania, Centralia has become a tourist attraction

  46. How gibbons travel through trees

  47. Ticks are extremely dangerous

  48. The film and TV industry's environmental footprint

  49. 3 amazing landscapes to see in China

  50. Allergies are on the rise

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