1. The Inca trail leads to an iconic place

  2. Polar bears invaded a Russian village

  3. Interview: filmmaker Werner Boote on greenwashing

  4. All insects could be extinct 100 years from now

  5. How antlers grow

  6. How a school of fish function

  7. US: massive circle of ice spotted in Maine

  8. Interview with psychiatrist Claude Virot on hypnosis

  9. Brazil: the world's biggest insect-built structure

  10. Two male penguins have raised a healthy chick

  11. California: these elephant seals are taking advantage of the shutdown

  12. Fishing: Why FADs are a threat to marine life

  13. Cold spells and climate change: could there be a link between them?

  14. Cocaine production's ecological impact

  15. Insects are vanishing at an alarming rate

  16. Researchers evaluated the benefits of yoga

  17. 27-year-old French man completes a solo trek to the South Pole with no assistance or replenishments

  18. A huge pregnant female great white shark was spotted near Hawaii

  19. Plants too are endangered because of climate change

  20. Grizzly-polar bear hybrid is a result of climate change

  21. Hawaii: a gulper eel observed during an underwater expedition

  22. India: the Bishnoi want concrete measures to protect the environment

  23. Maritime transport is a big polluter

  24. Where do hiccups come from?

  25. 10 years challenge regarding: some positive changes

  26. Jane Goodall's talk at Davos

  27. 60% of wild coffee species are threatened with extinction

  28. What's a blood moon?

  29. United States: biodiversity is threatened by the current shutdown

  30. The environmental impact of paper receipts

  31. Sri Lanka: first country to ban glyphosate

  32. Small cats are little known by the public

  33. Interview Sébastien Moro on fish's intelligence

  34. Poachers attacking a Sea Shepherd vessel

  35. Biotechnology: when life sciences meet technology

  36. How would the Earth look like if all the ice melted?

  37. Disney is going green

  38. A Mandarin duck spotted in Central Park

  39. Cuttlefish can solve problems and create complex memories

  40. 5 reasons to be optimistic in 2019

  41. If humans could hibernate

  42. 5 pieces of good news for the planet

  43. Rewilding operation in the Netherlands

  44. Finnish scientists are developing a vaccine to save bees

  45. Greta Thunberg's speech at the COP24

  46. What do we know about the red panda ?

  47. Istanbul: recycle your plastic bottles for subway credit

  48. If you paid eco-taxes in these countries

  49. How crows use cars to crack open nuts

  50. Puss caterpillars on the rise around Florida

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