1. Hambach Forest in Germany supposedly saved from mining

  2. A sanctuary for goldfish at the Paris aquarium

  3. Protecting tigers is a priority for Nepal

  4. Dysmus Kisilu is helping small farmers in sub-Saharan Africa

  5. Thomas Waitz, an Austrian deputy, on intensive chicken farming

  6. Envoyé spécial investigated the Parma ham sector

  7. Grauer's gorillas could become the 1st gorilla subspecies to go extinct

  8. Soon California will sell cruelty-free cosmetics only

  9. The last indigenous people are under threat

  10. The nuns in this monastery take care of a special guest

  11. Wild dromedaries are thriving in the Australian outback

  12. PETA denounces the living conditions of captive badgers

  13. Interview with Aurélien Barrau on climate change

  14. Tibet is protecting its wild animals from humans

  15. Interview with Nicolas Blain about his fight for nature's rights

  16. The rapids of river Pacuare in Costa Rica

  17. Some caterpillars can mimic poisonous snakes

  18. White rhino gives birth in France

  19. The nature reserve of the French Southern Lands

  20. BLOOM is fighting against electric fishing

  21. Global warming is threatening Latin American forests

  22. Sergio Lopez fights poaching in Africa

  23. Chia seeds have many health benefits

  24. Death of Fabian Tomasi, symbol of the battle against glyphosate

  25. The side-blotched lizard

  26. Why horseshoe crabs blood is so expensive

  27. Why museums love the larder beetle

  28. Meet Féliciano Valencia

  29. How do caddisflies protect themselves?

  30. What are endocrine disruptors?

  31. Abominable living conditions of domesticated elephants

  32. A new wildlife documentary shows how amazing the Earth is

  33. CO2 directly affects certain food crops

  34. This fondation turns several tons of waste into biogas

  35. 207 environmental activists were killed in 2017

  36. The Tapanuli orangutan is the most endangered great ape on the planet

  37. Lake Titicaca is threatened by pollution

  38. In Africa, Grand-Lahou lost 60 % of its surface area in a century

  39. The white beaches of Rosignano Solvay

  40. Popular in the UK, coasteering is developing in France

  41. The Chinese salamander is the world's largest amphibian

  42. Salton Sea used to be a popular destination but it's now falling into oblivion

  43. How do spiders fly?

  44. The population of mountain gorillas is increasing

  45. In Africa, donkeys are the new target of poachers

  46. The NGO Nitidæ is using GeoPoppy to achieve zero-agriculture deforestation

  47. Kilauea volcano is still erupting...

  48. Some European zoos are selling their tigers to China

  49. The Alternatiba Tour is the biggest citizen mobilization for the climate

  50. The Lebanon cedar is under threat

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