1. This is one of the most invasive aquatic plants in the world

  2. If there were only 100 animals on Earth...

  3. How did the great auk go extinct?

  4. How to make your own zero-waste lip balm

  5. Behind the scenes: Activists crash the Louis Vuitton show

  6. The metamorphosis of a stalk-eyed fly

  7. Hvítserkur, a majestic dark monolith in Iceland

  8. What is ethological equitation?

  9. SUVs are a major source of pollution

  10. The Iberian lynx is no longer critically endangered

  11. Meet Delle the robot dolphin

  12. Japan's glowing Kochia Hill

  13. Your Waste Can Kill. This Turtle Was Lucky

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  14. This family is living an eco-friendly lifestyle

  15. The roof of the world is melting

  16. The false killer whale, a little-known cetacean

  17. Is the European hedgehog threatened with extinction?

  18. 5 indigenous leaders fighting for the planet

  19. Niue declared world's first 'Dark Sky nation'

  20. Meet the red-shanked douc

  21. What is lightning?

  22. Why reindeer eyes change color over the course of the year

  23. The world's largest land-dwelling arthropod

  24. Mysterious Great Blue Hole

  25. Meet the kagu, the barking bird that narrowly avoided extinction

  26. Table Mountain's cascade of clouds

  27. How birds synchronize their flight

  28. This is the environmental footprint of bottled water

  29. These tropical species are travelling to the north

  30. Should we be picking up dead leaves?

  31. Why some animals change color during fall

  32. Why the U.S. has so many big cats in captivity

  33. The "water palace" was built in the 18th century by the raja of Jaipur state

  34. How the sidewinder rattlesnake moves around

  35. Saffron is the priciest spice on the planet

  36. The effects of climate change in the world

  37. Why does the earwig have those pincers?

  38. Why leaves fall in autumn

  39. The Chocolate Hills are a geological oddity

  40. Decorator crabs wear their environment on their backs

  41. Here is why these black bears can be white

  42. Why the dung beetle is rolling this ball

  43. How this river in the U.S. inspired an environmental movement

  44. What are these butterflies doing to this turtle?

  45. Meet the cutest animal in the world

  46. Katia Krafft is responsible for much of what we know about volcanoes

  47. One of the strangest animals on the planet, this is the echidna

  48. The special forces veterans turned coral reef protectors

  49. Why do cats have whiskers?

  50. The pygmy seahorse, a master of camouflage

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