1. 3 of the most beautiful beaches in the world

  2. How do animals sleep ?

  3. Discovering the Tra Su Forest

  4. This butterfly relies on transparency to protect itself

  5. Some bacterias are essential to our well-being

  6. 3 dizzying hikes around the world

  7. These animals are the world's best hunters

  8. An eco-friendly houseboat in Paris

  9. The "hands of God": A look at Vietnam's Golden Bridge

  10. Huka Falls, super powerful waterfalls in New Zealand

  11. All insects could be extinct 100 years from now

  12. This is how parasitism in plants and insects works

  13. How do frigatebirds find their mates?

  14. How cacti survive in the desert

  15. Fast fashion and its environmental impact

  16. Tarn Gorge, one of the biggest gorges in all of Europe

  17. The octopus is very good at fleeing away from predators

  18. How does the hermit crab change its shell

  19. The Nā Pali coast offers breathtaking landscapes

  20. The trapdoor spider's fearsome hunting technique

  21. The gaur is the largest wild bovid in the world

  22. How can big cats and livestock breeders coexist?

  23. The fennec fox is the smallest canid in the world

  24. Half of all sandy beaches at risk

  25. Meet the bat-eared fox, a little canid that roams the plains of Africa

  26. Is wine good for our health?

  27. What to do if you encounter a bear

  28. The Benagil Beach cave, an hidden gem in the Algarve

  29. How the electric eel produces electricity

  30. China: Yellow Dragon Valley's exceptional landscape

  31. Veggie burgers for meat eaters, Beyond Meat's success story

  32. Frogfish have incredible hunting techniques

  33. The acanthaster, a coral-eating seafish

  34. Brocéliande: King Arthur's legendary forest

  35. How to regenerate oceans in 30 years time

  36. Why Indies Are Also Dream Pets

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  37. Mount Roraima, a mountain surrounded by clouds

  38. Sri Lanka: Sigiriya's amazing landscape

  39. Why flamingos are pink

  40. Living root bridges made of living plants

  41. Wave Rock is one of Australia's must-see features

  42. 3 remarkable animals you can find in Australia

  43. The antennariid is a bizarre animal but a really good hunter

  44. How ants carry heavy loads

  45. Bioluminescence can be found in many places across the world

  46. The aye aye is on the brink of extinction

  47. How A Child Activist Changed An Indonesian Law

  48. The training of police dogs

  49. 1 million species are now in danger of extinction

  50. Road trip across New Zealand

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