1. All these animals are threatened by humans

  2. What is Sand?

  3. The Kilauea volcano is only one of 169 active volcanoes in the USA

  4. Cordyceps attack insects in order to grow

  5. Peru has a new national park

  6. The serval is the second-fastest cat after the cheetah

  7. This fish builds impressive underwater sandcastles

  8. The babirusa, a wild pig from Indonesia

  9. How do sharks find their prey?

  10. The surprising landscape at Slope Point

  11. This ant and this tree have a relationship that benefits both species

  12. The Portuguese man o'war: a colony of thousands of animals

  13. 3 of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world

  14. What are the purposes of pine cones?

  15. Raccoon dogs are spreading as far as eastern France

  16. New Caledonia: diving in the world's last pristine reefs

  17. Bolivia's Salar d'Uyuni could be imperiled

  18. World agriculture is polluting our planet

  19. How antlers grow

  20. The mysterious island of Socotra

  21. The big 5 mass extinctions on Earth

  22. How do horned lizards defend themselves?

  23. Are corals resistant to climate change?

  24. Expedition to the heart of an active volcano

  25. 6 breathtaking spots to pitch your tent

  26. These fish undergo a complete metamorphosis

  27. Why horseshoe crabs blood is so expensive

  28. Ecotourism in Namibia

  29. 3 amazing landscapes in the western United States

  30. Cotton-candy pink lakes in the south of France

  31. A rainbow-colored octopus spotted off the Philippine coast

  32. The Mendenhall ice caves

  33. This is how snails reproduce

  34. This anteater lives in the forests of South America

  35. Interview Sébastien Moro on fish's intelligence

  36. Protecting tigers is a priority for Nepal

  37. Whales are worth quite a lot in terms of CO2 capture

  38. Ban on barbaric lion hunting in Africa

  39. #TBT: Volcanologist Haroun Tazieff's warning about climate change in 1979

  40. This bird regurgitates a revolting substance onto their predators

  41. Artificial reefs to protect the ocean floor

  42. The brushtail possum is an invasive species

  43. How do caddisflies protect themselves?

  44. The ecological impact of tote bags

  45. Monarch butterflies may go extinct

  46. The blackbuck is one of the fastest mammals in the world

  47. The bigeye tuna population struggles to recover from overfishing

  48. 5 species that could go extinct

  49. What are endocrine disruptors?

  50. Impressive images of kayakers descending the Saut du Doubs

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