"Aren't Northeasterners a part of India?"

Head of Tripura's royal family Pradyot Deb Barman pulls up national media for ignoring issues plaguing the Northeast.

30/07/2020 4:27 PM
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  • Justindhas
    24/02/2021 06:31

    Great massage

  • Justindhas
    24/02/2021 06:29

    Great massage

  • Justindhas
    24/02/2021 06:29


  • Srinath S.
    09/02/2021 12:29

    Why aren't local news channels carrying the reports and sharing the same with national media. Why do you seem so desperate to see the unfortunate news of rape across all national TV channels? What are you doing to change the situation other than crying on Brut India??

  • Smita C.
    26/01/2021 05:47

    Lol hes from beta ma party

  • Hetak S.
    25/01/2021 13:00

    No issue sir let's merge to somewhere

  • Nelson A.
    25/01/2021 10:20

    Keep the awareness going. Media is biased and they are manipulated to show what people need to see. There is always the social media available for you and that can do wonders. Dont loose hope.

  • Passang T.
    25/01/2021 05:32

    So true

  • Suman D.
    25/01/2021 03:16

    Right sir

  • Pummy G.
    24/01/2021 19:01

    True and sad. Mainstream media works for corporate and their alliance. Media needs to maintain the dignity of their profession.

  • Imli L.
    24/01/2021 17:36

    Shame on national media, just run after TRP rating

  • Sunita K.
    24/01/2021 08:30

    Very true

  • Khopz K.
    24/01/2021 02:56

    Let them know... I support 👍

  • Ayaz A.
    23/01/2021 19:22

    Absolutely Right ...

  • Ahsies A.
    23/01/2021 17:25

    Sahi bat bola vaii

  • Ahsies A.
    23/01/2021 17:24


  • Lalthan M.
    23/01/2021 16:44


  • Shashi M.
    23/01/2021 15:25

    I was in Guwahati for three years and during Independence Day and Republic Day, I was forced to remain indoors for fear of arson, the indifference to the motherland was clearly evident. Don’t you feel your attitude needs to change.

  • Gagli T.
    23/01/2021 11:59

    70 saal congressi o ne kya jaak mari????

  • Rajan S.
    23/01/2021 11:54

    Very true, even people like Arnab doesn't bother abt NE states (he's from Assam) but sadly NE chose BJP govt

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