‘Dear PM, Help Bangladesh To Curb Migration’

"Dear Prime Minister, helping Bangladesh is the only solution to solving the migration crisis." Ankur Mahanta, a development consultant from Assam, tells Brut why the Northeast can't afford more migrants.

26/12/2019 10:37 AM
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  • Motin A.
    18/01/2020 11:10

    No nrc no caa no npr

  • Supithong Y.
    18/01/2020 06:39


  • Rahul D.
    18/01/2020 04:32

    Our ancestors fled from Bangladesh in the 50s leaving all ancestral property, job ,settlements etc, on the ground of fear of riot.Mr Mahanto I disagree with you, because I hv heard those things from my grandfather who was a victim.I as a citizen of India do not agree with you and fully support the Govt for whatever they are doing.

  • Niranjan M.
    17/01/2020 18:30


  • Niranjan M.
    17/01/2020 18:30


  • Syed F.
    17/01/2020 18:21


  • Sagar B.
    17/01/2020 15:51

    We support Delhi police NRC CAB NPR CAA

  • Dastagir S.
    17/01/2020 14:23

    They will put a tilak on their forehead and march inside our country..! And we will give them citizenship.. Aur chuno gawar politicians!

  • Onyok P.
    17/01/2020 13:25

    Assam Gov't and its people should have to check and deport immigrants or infiltration by themselves/ itself. Why depending on centre while talking against it?

  • Abo L.
    17/01/2020 13:04

    Superb questions to चायवाला??

  • Abhinav C.
    17/01/2020 12:12

    Dear friend keep them at ur home..can u keep can u help why u r saying to modi u keep na... U can't keep bcz ur budget will ding dong ...then how u can say to modi its modis house how he can as ur those lovely muslims hv 4 wives n 40 children n then sabke haath me fire to burn India n patthar... Unbelievable that the kind of ppls wana meet u .... its strange

  • Abhinav C.
    17/01/2020 12:08

    They don't have anything their but in everything is here Then why u ppls r blaming modi for increasing inflation

  • Abhinav C.
    17/01/2020 12:06

    Those refugees r on honeymoon They hv 20 to 40 kid

  • Abhinav C.
    17/01/2020 12:05

    Ham 2 hamare 70 sable haath me pathr Mean we r 2 Bangladeshi n we hv 70 kids n alls hand r ful of stone for stone pelting My bro in India ur bro pappu Pakistani who is sympathiser of terrorists n kejri Rohingya then rjd sp bsp tmc they r blaming pm for increasing inflation bt ur those refugees r behind that ...

  • Abhinav C.
    17/01/2020 12:01

    My dear friend can u go illegally to USA how u can advocate Rohingya n Bangladeshi they hv their land ..n we r already over populated...ur pappu Pakistani terrorist sp bsp rjd aap tmc r blaming modi for that those militants or refugees hv 10 to 20 children if seems they r on honeymoon

  • Mohd N.
    17/01/2020 05:37

    Dear brother....u r asking questions to brainless, fool and nincompoops government ministers....BJP ministers....put Deity Laxhmi photos on NOTES economy will become better, Rub Ur hand on cow Ur Blood pressure will become normal, Cow exhale oxygen, climate change is rumours, it is due to reduce temperament, recite Hanuman chalisa to achieve safety from monkeys....etc... thanks for Indian voters who them...they are also responsible... debating with fools is like throwing stone in mud

  • Rajesh K.
    17/01/2020 01:03

    I strongly would say CAA CAB NRC not harming your cultural heritage and no any people of Assam

  • Chirag T.
    16/01/2020 17:56

    Abe hamare Kashmiri pandito ke bare me bhi socho vo bhi to refugee ban Kar Apne desh me rah rahe he . Saran aani chahiye unke Muslim padosio ne bhi unhe nahi bachaya na hi use time ki Sarkar ne kuchh Kiya. Congress bhagavo hindutva bachavo.

  • Abu T.
    16/01/2020 07:24

    The issues and concern pointed out are real and precise. But unfortunately very unpopular.

  • Sulaimaan A.
    16/01/2020 06:03

    Including Muslims in CAA..

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