11 Years In Jail, Innocence Kept Him Going

This Kashmiri man was jailed for more than 11 years for a crime he didn't commit. Now, Bashir Ahmad Baba is finally back home. This is his story.

29/08/2021 5:27 AM
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  • Shabik S.
    01/09/2021 12:56

    They have to give right compensation…

  • Tahir I.
    01/09/2021 08:15

    Stort of every kashmiri

  • Sheikh A.
    01/09/2021 07:33

    God bless you brother. 🙏🤲🤲

  • Dimpy T.
    01/09/2021 07:00

    This is really sad!

  • S Y.
    31/08/2021 20:48

    relief ki life hamesha crime walay hi jeetay hain or jo crime karta bhi nhi ilzaam kaiye liye ghoomta hai k jaise real mind of monster usi ka tha jab k hota dosre ka hai or bhugatna kise or ko parta hai

  • Dar M.
    31/08/2021 17:10

    To be honest there are many KASHMIRI'S who have been behind the bars from years for no reason. Same had happened to this man. He has lost 12 beautiful years of his life. Who would return him those 12 years?

  • Azeem A.
    31/08/2021 08:02

    Aapka Muslim Hona, Dusra Kashmiri Muslim Hona, Kaafi Hai Aapko Jail Mein Bina Koi Saboot Ke Bhi Rehne Ke Liye,.

  • Ankit S.
    31/08/2021 04:35

    your content might be genuine, but it's always focused on one community of people bhai aur bi log hai jin par bi atyachar ho raha hai india me, so stop spreading hate and try to raise awareness. Thing is you don't actually want india to be secular you just want to spread hate.

  • Promila A.
    31/08/2021 03:04

    God bless you always bhai

  • Asif K.
    31/08/2021 03:04

    InshAllah sooner or later Kashmir will get Independent from India.

  • Anushka S.
    30/08/2021 22:27

    Inko justice milna chahiye

  • Rekha K.
    30/08/2021 19:00

    There are hundreds of such people rotting in jail. Irrespective of their race,creed or religion but nobody want to show it bcz it will not garner ratings

  • Sheikh A.
    30/08/2021 16:00

    That's why we want Freedom

  • Armst H.
    30/08/2021 14:12

    so pitiful, he must be compensate for all those years

  • M A.
    30/08/2021 08:39


  • Rahul S.
    30/08/2021 07:46

    So you have to post it again and again? It is sad though..

  • Ahsan R.
    30/08/2021 07:06

    Thanks jinnah

  • Sajad W.
    30/08/2021 06:37

    That's why we Kashmiris never trust in indian judicial system this system always treat us inadequately...

  • Avi N.
    30/08/2021 04:11

    500000 Hindu pandits were thrown out of the valley. There women's raped children's killed. Brut never seen an article by you on this topic.

  • Amin S.
    30/08/2021 03:50

    Feel so sad.

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