• Fawaz A.
    07/05/2020 05:23

    Yeah but what is government doing against it

  • Shahnaz A.
    29/04/2020 17:15

    I am so grateful and privileged.

  • Gajanan P.
    21/01/2020 15:51


  • Joy B.
    20/01/2020 10:27

    হরে কৃষ্ণ

  • L. K.
    19/01/2020 14:40

    Modi govt 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zakir U.
    18/01/2020 15:51

    Sab Logon Ko Pani Milana mangta hai Narendra Modi ji Meri aapse taraf se

  • Jawad I.
    18/01/2020 05:50

    And look what our politicians are fighting about. Absolute shame :( I feel sorry for these people.

  • Narendra S.
    16/01/2020 06:32

    Are modi ji kuchh karo inko Pani ki vyavastha karvao

  • Manish P.
    16/01/2020 04:32

    Agar jansankhya visfot ese hi hota Raha to buri haalat hone wali h

  • Ds A.
    13/01/2020 13:13


  • Yogiraj Y.
    12/01/2020 04:19

    जनता ने पानी की बर्बादी नही रोकी तो सबका यही हाल होना है

  • Randhir K.
    10/01/2020 04:34

    Oo my re

  • Rajesh K.
    06/01/2020 13:54

    Sarkar he bhayi

  • Tharxang H.
    03/01/2020 16:17

    dramatic india

  • Abhishek M.
    31/12/2019 05:30

    चिंता ना करो बहुत जल्दी ये भी देखने को मिलेगा सबको

  • Bernardine S.
    29/12/2019 17:34

    Sad.May God intervene.🙏🙏

  • S K.
    29/12/2019 05:38

    Where is mumbai celebrities who protest for poor people and where is mumbai businessman... All are corrupt indians have no unity and they don't help poor. Because they are lower caste people that's why rich Indian will not help. But they will spend millions of donations in temple

  • Raunaq R.
    28/12/2019 17:48

    You are earning a lot by showing such dark facts of life in India.... and you keep growing rich every day by showing poor peoples the poverty....had you ever donated a single rupee to these poor people...or ever helped them with infra or solution for life.... please get life... and do some real work...

  • John M.
    28/12/2019 08:30

    Food shelter n clothes are the prime necessities in scarcity in todays context... But what people are striving is completely oit of focus... If famine hits the ground what would be the alternative is very massive confusion within. There are two kindss of people 1. People who understand the crisis 2. People who misunderstand the crisis. In this there are two: 1 . real essential true crisis 2. Irrelevant issue crisis

  • Roli S.
    27/12/2019 18:18

    Yes It's not a fake

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