• Amarjeet K.
    06/05/2020 10:09

    Brut India good on you for spreading positive news around the world of bad politics đŸ‘đŸŒ

  • Brut India
    06/05/2020 07:57

    These are some of the ways the environment has benefitted from the lockdown in India: https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/gk-current-affairs/story/covid-19-4-vital-environmental-changes-evidenced-in-india-since-lockdown-1673726-2020-05-02

  • JigmĂ© N.
    06/05/2020 03:30

    Vaccins... Wake-up before "they" drive you all to an android-like condition..!

  • Kavita M.
    06/05/2020 01:30

    you’re among those lucky ones đŸ€—

  • A F.
    05/05/2020 14:02

    à€•à„‹à€°à„‹à€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€‡à€‚à€žà€Ÿà€šà„‹à€‚ à€•à„‹ à€žà„‹à€šà€šà„‡ à€•à„‹ à€źà€œà€Źà„‚à€° à€•à€° à€Šà„‡à€—à€Ÿà„€ à€čà€° à€žà€Ÿà€Č à€•à€°à„‹à€Ąà€Œà„‹à€‚ à€°à„à€Șà€ à€žà„‡ à€Żà€Ÿ à€«à€żà€° à€Čà„‰à€•à€Ąà€Ÿà€‰à€š à€žà„‡ à€Șà€°à„à€Żà€Ÿà€”à€°à€Ł à€•à„€ à€Šà„‡à€– à€°à„‡à€– à€•à„€ à€œà€Ÿà€à„€đŸ˜„đŸ˜„đŸ˜„đŸ˜„đŸ˜„đŸ˜„

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