3 Times Modi Brought The Laughs To Parliament

Watch PM Modi cause Lok Sabha MPs to split their sides, in laughter. 😀

Every time I see Mr. Adhir and listen to him, first of all, I congratulate Mr. Kiren Rijiju. There was a wrestler sitting there, he said he could also hear it. Solhave also decided to increase my daily count of surya namaskar. Why is Mr. Suresh laughing? Left Everyone 3 Times Modi In Splits One time a group of people were travelling on a train. And while they were on the train, as it catches speed, it makes a noise on the tracks. We all have experienced this and know this. So there was a saint there, he said, "Look at the noise that the tracks are making." "God, make it all happen." See this is the noise it is making, listen! Another saint there said- "No, for me I can hear, Another saint there said God, your work is immaculate." A cleric was there too. He said, "I can hear something else." The saints asked him what he could hear. "I hear, 'Allah, your mercy. Allah, your mercy." There was a wrestler sitting there. "I can also hear it." The wrestler said, "I hear, eat rabri and exercise. Eat rabri and exercise." You only hear what's inside your head. The Fit India movement that he has started, all the instructions of the Fit India movement, are being followed closely by Mr. Adhir. He makes speeches at the same time as going to a gym. There's some secret. Mr. Suresh, you will also get an opportunity, don't worry. announcement yesterday. Theard a Congress member's He has announced that in six months, we will beat Modi with a stick. laughs And... If they beat with sticks, we will also throw punches. It is true that this is a difficult task. So it will take six months to prepare. So the time of six months is pretty good. The kind of verbal expletives Thave been hearing for 20 years, it has made me abuse-proof. in these six months, I will do so much surya namaskar that my back will be capable of handling any beating. Mr. Speaker... Mr.Speaker... Mr. Speaker, I had been speaking for 30-40 mins. But it took this long for the current to reach. This is what happens to many tube lights. Journalist Ashwini Finck Video Editor Chloé Pusniak