• Prabhat S.
    14/08/2018 10:29

    Sir...Hm aisi cheezo Ko pramote nahi karte hai..Baki champions Ko Khana Sikh lo..Now take a sharp glimps at Indo-pak relationship.. And Since 2-3 month.. What is being done on Kasmir..Think it 10 times.. And analysis last 6 month situation.. Thodi si cheap hai..pr chalega.. Sir..Iske aage m nahi boluga.. Kyoki ab bil fat jayege.. Ya to fat Chuka hoga.. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.. Happy Independent Day..

  • Amit S.
    12/08/2018 19:31

    There is one more way.....rising islamic fanatisicm

  • Jajati K.
    30/07/2018 17:08


  • Sivakumar S.
    30/07/2018 09:03

    Nice place

  • Shiva M.
    30/07/2018 04:16


  • Ashuthosh J.
    29/07/2018 10:22

    6th is highest sponsor of ISIS 😂😂😂😂

  • Priya S.
    29/07/2018 06:33

    Proud being a keralite😊

  • Harshit M.
    27/07/2018 17:03

    Bhen k lodo brut k chamcho ye batao keral mei hinduo ki kyu gand mar rhe ho bc hinduo ka jeena haram hai keral mei

  • Arka G.
    27/07/2018 16:41


  • Manisha P.
    27/07/2018 16:09


  • Sagar R.
    27/07/2018 15:00

    I love Kerala

  • Gaurav V.
    27/07/2018 13:18

    get more information at www.inditrip.in

  • Xavier J.
    27/07/2018 12:26

    Most important - Ruled by peoplle friendly governments, een the chif minister is easily accessible, travels with very minimum security, roads are NOT CLOSED for VIP convoy .......

  • Kamal K.
    27/07/2018 09:27

    They are also leading in Islamisation, Christianisation and also killing of Hindus

  • Oru P.
    27/07/2018 04:40

    I am very proud of my State. I wish it will remain that way. religious polarisation is slowly affecting kerala to. Is dangerous

  • Mithun M.
    27/07/2018 02:09

    And also killing of innocent hindus love jihad it also great thing of kerala .. God save kerala from shit islamic population

  • Mukul K.
    26/07/2018 13:23

    Ninu James

  • Jignesh R.
    25/07/2018 19:55

    Everything else is good but last point is a bit problematic.. Latest rounds of NSSO suggest that there are less girl children under the age 18 now in Kerala compared to male children... Although not as bad as other states but the numbers are alarming

  • Helan T.
    25/07/2018 15:00

    If you wanted to know more about my home state

  • Len B.
    25/07/2018 13:53

    Which religious beliefs dominates Kerala. I don't think a Hindu state would be this great. Anyone please

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