• Shivjee M.
    23/05/2019 07:58

    Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar Aaya Re Aaya Modi ji Aaya Ham bhi Narendra Modi ji ke saath hain Jay Hind Jay Bharat

  • Anita L.
    23/05/2019 07:40


  • Sangita C.
    23/05/2019 06:59


  • Sangita C.
    23/05/2019 06:59

    Vote kinacha

  • Sangita C.
    23/05/2019 06:59

    Bjp chor

  • Pawan R.
    23/05/2019 05:50


  • Kanan M.
    23/05/2019 03:42

    Brut india..is Mamta is ur mother in law .thts y u don't report a single incidence against her

  • Aneesh K.
    22/05/2019 23:38

    Kutte saitan

  • Varun S.
    22/05/2019 00:38

    Brut india walo apna name change kee ke.. chamche chatu rakh lo... Din bhar bjo ne maa chod ki gand mar di... Or koo news bhi cover ker lia kro...

  • Kamalamkamalam K.
    20/05/2019 08:29

    Trust Congress Love Congress Vote For Congress. Like Congress Believe Congress.. Don't like Luusu MODI. Don't like Fake MODI Don't like Thief MODI. Don't like Lair MODI.. Jai Congress Vote for Congress..

  • Karthik P.
    20/05/2019 03:39

    Chutay hsi

  • Râjesh D.
    19/05/2019 17:23


  • Brajesh S.
    19/05/2019 06:32

    who will report about TMC violence I guess you forgot to mention that, also I guess you forgot to mention about the false promotion of Congress schemes in UP by giving forms to fill up for some sort to trick , you missed the video to upload of election commission officer injured in kolkata

  • Rajput J.
    19/05/2019 02:24

    Violence in Andhrapradesh... What about bengal... Fucker.

  • DevlEzz
    18/05/2019 07:45

    Congress ne kitna diya ek baar ka 😂😂

  • Shakil L.
    18/05/2019 02:17

    Modi chur hai

  • Aqeel A.
    17/05/2019 00:57

    Actor & Liar

  • Syed A.
    16/05/2019 19:40

    To bula pakar na pulice ka miya bhaiyo ka

  • Vanajakshi M.
    15/05/2019 18:27

    Guys report this page as spam

  • Aditya P.
    15/05/2019 03:59

    Brut go suck rahul gandhis dick, maybe when he cums in your mouth it will be better than this video

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