6 Reasons Why India Should Study China More, Not Less

Arunabh Ghosh, associate professor of history at Harvard University, explains why India's reluctance to invest in original research on China may be self-defeating.

28/01/2021 6:57 AMupdated: 28/01/2021 3:30 PM
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  • Prince K.
    01/02/2021 15:53

    China can't be trusted, it's better to trust Pakistan because atleast they openly show their hatred, but china backstabs

  • Ricki R.
    01/02/2021 08:57

    I wonder if this guy would want to know his neighbours in his society "Better" if they start entering his house without permission, starts beating and abusing him🙄... The Chinese communist govt themselves think their "history" is bad and only the communist revolution brought in "history". We can learn about Chinese history and culture by reading books. Till the time commie govt don't change their attitude we have nothing much to do with them

  • Ganesh G.
    30/01/2021 17:20

    Brut India may started getting funds from China..

  • Lallien S.
    29/01/2021 13:24

    The soldiers are the farmers son not the MLA mantry son...

  • Debajyoti G.
    29/01/2021 03:00


  • Swagata M.
    28/01/2021 17:51

    Can't agree more.

  • Krishna G.
    28/01/2021 16:28

    "To defeat ur enemy u need to learn more about ur enemy" I think that's an old phrase but some how we r happy just by uninstalling 'TikTok'

  • Dibakar G.
    28/01/2021 13:16

    Our Modi gov had always a bad habit to lean on China. Beijing tought him a lesson with all these. Gov is failed at everywhere

  • Karma T.
    28/01/2021 12:29

    More than china, India should study more about tibets history. India share it's border with Tibet for thousands of years.

  • Siddharth C.
    28/01/2021 08:51

    Equality?? In communist China,u must be freaking kidding me.. Two words "UYGURS MUSLIMS".. do not cherry-pick any tell me Indian r non equal

  • Bollampalli P.
    28/01/2021 08:10

    You paid media, what more can we expect from you, we have not destroyed half the world by spreading Wuhan virus like the Chinese.

  • Garvit C.
    28/01/2021 07:31

    Red flag 🚩, and its their flag bearer, only hope 😂

  • Brut India
    27/01/2021 18:43

    Want to know more about why China research in India is in bad shape? Read this interview: