• Naren S.
    24/08/2019 17:30

    Brut kutte tu haraam ka pilla hai

  • Surendra G.
    24/08/2019 09:08

    Brut india improve your sense of humour

  • Surendra G.
    24/08/2019 09:07

    I really don't know where is the aggression in this speech he say we are hosting our national flag

  • Sachin P.
    24/08/2019 05:54

    Those who r crying for eid and all and telling that muslims are unable to contact thier family members.. I want to say one thing Jammu and Kashmir doesn't have only muslims, hindus are also there and they are facing the same problems that muslims are facing.. And above all, its for national security so hindus and muslims both should unite and help indian army to eradicate the militants from the valley..

  • Himanga D.
    24/08/2019 05:37

    Time to unfollow you Brut....goodbye biased media....

  • Sarfaraz A.
    24/08/2019 05:15


  • Prashant G.
    24/08/2019 02:59

    To bhosdk aggression kya sahi to bolra h....brut India chutiya hogye ho kya? Sahi to krre hai

  • Sumit M.
    24/08/2019 01:58

    Aggressive statement kya hua ismei .?

  • Jayesh B.
    23/08/2019 19:19

    What aggression in this statement... you biased... this should happen... it's late but Happy to see this.

  • Kartik S.
    23/08/2019 14:03

    Wow,hoisting national flag on Independence day is aggressive to you? The fuck is wrong with you fucking weird propaganda shit page.

  • Mridul D.
    23/08/2019 12:14

    So Brut India is advocating for Autonomy based on Religion and Brut India also claim itself Secular and Democratic

  • Rashid H.
    23/08/2019 10:16

    Ami pagal hoye jabo

  • Nitesh N.
    23/08/2019 09:58

    Truth looks agressive to barking dogs... Waving Indian flag is agressive..?

  • Samrat S.
    23/08/2019 06:27

    Jai shree ram

  • Nikhil D.
    23/08/2019 03:57

    Brut India motherchod

  • Chinmay G.
    23/08/2019 03:04

    Whats aggressive in that ??

  • Khalil A.
    23/08/2019 02:03

    Ye bechara bakriyan churane wala Keya Jane Rajniti

  • Ashok B.
    23/08/2019 01:03

    Jai hind

  • Deep A.
    22/08/2019 18:07

    Nowhere aggressive but a bold statement indeed.

  • Sandra S.
    22/08/2019 15:26

    He is a pussycat🤣🤣🤣🤣

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