• Shama P.
    21/04/2022 13:46


  • Subir D.
    20/04/2022 18:12

    India is for all.But rules are not perfect.That is repeated communal violence found in India.One India one rule is only the solution. I guess.

  • Nature i.
    19/04/2022 05:59

    Don't segregate innocent students in the name of religion and caste

  • Mohammed E.
    18/04/2022 18:09

    Will all the Adults of recently Inciting communal violence Hatred in the society Learn - what is peace and respect towards Fellow beings of other community dwellers Means. A big thank you for All & warm regards too for the kind gesture Shown by the students under School supervision administration.

  • Pamela N.
    18/04/2022 08:47

    We are all one .God who do the same for everyone .God treats as all same

  • Zoya M.
    18/04/2022 05:32

    Now a politician will surely jump in to make a chaos and stop this. These lovely acts brings shame to the politicians so obviously they won't be able to bear this.

  • Anitha S.
    18/04/2022 03:07

    What a great gesture. Hats off to the Teachers and the whole staff for teaching children Lesson of Humanity and Equality! Salute to all

  • Cynthiya B.
    18/04/2022 02:30

    This is my India, which taught n promoted secularism. Seeds of love n harmony n sown n not hatred of religion.

  • Meenakshi K.
    18/04/2022 00:26

    From one little human to another … no place for cheap political divides!!!

  • Brut India
    18/04/2022 00:07

    At this shrine in Mangaluru, caste and religion are no bar:

  • Human B.
    18/04/2022 00:04

    Usuals in kerala💪💪

  • Anirban B.
    17/04/2022 21:22

    To all Gujarat haters

  • Prabhu R.
    17/04/2022 18:43

    Dunghead bhakts open your eyes!

  • Gobinda B.
    17/04/2022 08:05

    Lovely ❤️❤️

  • Mohammed I.
    17/04/2022 07:07

    It will haunt the termites

  • Vinay S.
    17/04/2022 02:50

    Non sense

  • Jasmine F.
    16/04/2022 23:45

    Their teacher must be a great person

  • Jasmine F.
    16/04/2022 23:41

    Beautiful unity

  • Mohammed N.
    16/04/2022 20:06

    Love is natural , hate is taught

  • Gousiya S.
    16/04/2022 19:00

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