A Mother Waits For A Daughter In Prison

As a child, she was polite, obedient and loved her mother. But five years ago, she left her family and country to join the Islamic State. Her mother is still waiting to see her again...

24/06/2021 4:01 PMupdated: 24/06/2021 4:04 PM
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  • Mrilika S.
    17/09/2021 23:04

    Not even for a moment I felt moved by her plight. For someone who has a son in the Indian army, I somehow don't think she should b crying for a traitor daughter. ND I don't know how eligible the girl is for trial in India on legal grounds, but since she left the country to b part of a disgust by choice, I don't think she deserves to come back ND that her nationality should b revoked as a traitor. Obviously if she would he been tricked or forced into it, my views would b totally different.

  • Sivani M.
    16/09/2021 09:20

    Laughing people are really a son of a bastard father no doubt. Next time laughing emojis mean.

  • Shri D.
    05/09/2021 16:53

    I feel sorry for the mother. Her daughter betrayed her mother and the country. How could a mother want her return? How is her grief bigger than a country? As a muslim, I prayer that B rot in hell and get the worst seat. And the mother must be shameless to even ask her return. If I am the parent of such child, I wish they rot in hell forever.

  • Md R.
    04/09/2021 08:05

    Never heard anyone go Afghanistan to join isis!! Full of lie and propaganda, problem is she converted to islam with her husband. This is the reason you call her a terrorist. I think she is now free if afghan indian puppet didn't kill here before fall of kabul

  • Pamela A.
    03/09/2021 07:55

    As u sow so shall u reap

  • Tejas S.
    02/09/2021 15:35

    She is a strong and independent woman from a liberal, secular country and has the right to make choices

  • Ak S.
    25/08/2021 04:48

    We don't want that terrorist woman back. So let her rot in prison in Afghanistan. Now that Taliban is back, she will feel more at home there.

  • Aarzu V.
    24/08/2021 19:14

    Why should the government bring her back? The baby could be brought back but she is a radicalised terrorist and is on path of no return. She knew what she was getting into when she went there.

  • Divya B.
    18/08/2021 11:41

    Return to india for what,spreading jihad,planting bombs.Brut india using quotes like 'the government was unlikely to allow fathima to retun to india'. It is definitely clear we don't want them.

  • Sanath K.
    18/08/2021 06:29

    The Claim, She And Others Must Be Tried In India, Carries Values.

  • Jilson T.
    14/08/2021 20:21

    We should never accept such crap again to our country.. Sad about the mother and her feelings... But she was matured enough to take tat decision.. Knowing what's the consequences would be....

  • Kumud T.
    11/08/2021 11:12

    What ever the ISIS did to yazid and kurdh women they should not Give chance to come back to India they should rot in Afghan Prison

  • Mahesh D.
    10/08/2021 05:08

    We don't want a terrorist back in INDIA

  • Sikata M.
    08/08/2021 05:36

    what about my and countless other children do they need such people living among them.. she obviously could go and join her daughter if she wants to

  • Alamgir K.
    07/08/2021 01:13

    A lot of love and prayers for both husband and wife who are Muslim today.Inshallah they will come back in my India 🇮🇳 soon.😊

  • Kiran S.
    24/07/2021 21:41

    Whatever reason but please never hurt your parents...

  • Akash K.
    16/07/2021 06:45

    They leave by their own will , get treated badly and then want to return back lol

  • Rajni D.
    13/07/2021 09:24

    Keep terrorist away from country. This is for the safety of a India.

  • Anol B.
    12/07/2021 05:36

    Why does she want Indian taxpayers' money to be wasted on a terrorist? That terrorist daughter should be denied entry altogether and tried wherever terrorists like her fit.

  • Sharan S.
    10/07/2021 02:58

    There are two most important things in life one should never betray 1. Mother 2. Motherland She did both... Now mother wants her back and motherland doesn't 👍 good luck girl find yourself a place in the most peaceful part of the world 😁😂

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