• Virendra P.
    2 days

    Now you ashamed to publish this? After got confirming they found temple.....

  • Ajmal P.
    4 days

    Traitors destroyed our mosque.

  • Kunal W.
    4 days

    There was no masjid all r inveders

  • Patrik T.
    5 days

    Buddha statue were found here

  • Abhishek N.
    6 days

    Supreme Court decision is final even lord Ram and Mr allaha has to obey law of mother India...nothing no one is above then law and constitution of India...if ram and allah done anything wrong they also punished by law...that's power of Constitution of India... vande Mataram Jai Hind Jai sri Ram

  • Shah A.
    6 days

    Lot of timeline is overlooked in the video but the worst part of the outcome is Supreme Court judgement which was based on faith. This judgement leaves open doors for several minority religious places to be demolished and converted. Time will only tell the need of these depending on BJP political fortunes. I see one or other place targeted whenever BJP finds itself losing power. What is the life of a minority in india now? I am not sure how long they will live the life of second class citizen or non citizen of CAA and NRC happen?

  • Debanga B.
    6 days

    Ek goli dabour ki ma chod dya babar ki

  • Rahmath N.
    6 days

    The murderer of constitution n killer of father of nation now bcm law mkr n terrorist n rapist r present in there party what a shame on educated mental bhakt

  • Jaswant S.
    7 days

    Mr Advani is quite aged and due to case aginst him he was debarred or not considered for 1st citizen. And now see the irony there is no mosque nor Bavay mandir some much time of s.court went into drain. Mr Advani must be repenting in own way. So now maan ka manka pher. Some for disputing for malba also. Poor worship from home and say God is one.

  • Surya P.
    7 days

    Everyone knows that temple was there before Mogals, in our childhood school books it was mentioned that Babar n aurangajob demolished temples n constructed mosques. Also converted so many Hindus into muslims by bribing r terrifying, more over not allowed growing of hair, for that penalized n converted them to muslims, it means Hindus are there in their community, I may doubt.! In India now you can see so many temples which were destroyed. Akhbar was some what better, who allowed Hinduism. So called secular parties changed the history and favourable propaganda giving for dirty things.

  • K Y.
    7 days

    Yes yesterday what babar did is repeated. .. k.k. Mohammad the architect has reported serveral times that it was constructed on Hindu temple. But you still worship babar mazid sir?

  • Aditya S.
    7 days

    Supreme court gave order on the basis of facts by archeological department so chutiyapa band karo aab , agar supreme court ke decision par v doubt hai toh kuch nai ho sakta tumhara

  • Mukul R.
    7 days

    There are many documents to post which proves it was a Hindu temple. But no options po post here.

  • Mukul R.
    7 days

    No position to post documents, but only remarks

  • Roshan T.
    7 days

    500years of srruggle , ended with modi govt..i am decided modi for life

  • Sumesh M.
    7 days

    How Pity.....God's never knew how indians and government struggled to keep God Safe, A small viRus made everyone understand ..The whole life was a Lie...

  • Shashwat K.
    06/27/2020 21:15

    please watch this

  • Arjun C.
    06/27/2020 21:06

    Jai siyaram 🙏

  • Zulim T.
    06/27/2020 18:24

    Right now RSS has done with force that is shah modi and gogi all have made seat through blood of poor . History will repeat, in future then our future generations will see. It could have been done with some justice and through an agreement. But might is right, now you ,tomorrow some one else.history repeats. But illiterate people will find peace.

  • Dominic B.
    06/27/2020 14:37

    No clear reports and anything relevant related to Temple was excavated. Just a peoples believe that it was birth place