• Ven R.
    19/12/2020 16:21

    The erosion of relationships between communities may help radical elements in opposition camps, but the youth and nation are losing their future. Please mindful of your language. Do not fall prey to political parties

  • Everything B.
    25/10/2020 08:15

    They just belive and we constructed and they destroy now there we will be some again a ruler will come and destroy your whole fu.. Ing temple wait for the time

  • Abongile M.
    13/10/2020 03:50

    Rss hindutva racist animals instigated by mossad

  • Akshay M.
    12/10/2020 17:24

    Brut if ur into true Journalism/ facts sharing at least have courage to reveal the truth. Don't take sides like a coward. This is a hindu country and we respect all religions not like hypocrite westerners or other parts of world where racism & superiority still exit in spite of liberal thoughts. We all live in harmony. Come to India & see how people live hear, not like bunch of idiots who just gets carried away with half knowledge & emotions.. And Brut u r showing fucking wrong info just to misguide the world. The history from Baburs time is so unpredictable and distorted that there is no authentic proof, so why unnecessary taking sides for particular one community.

  • Saeed I.
    12/10/2020 11:16

    . .and gogoy become Rajyasabaa member

  • Bagri B.
    10/10/2020 03:57

    It is well known that most of Islamic structures were built over Hindu structures ..From Jama Masjid , Qutub minar,to Mosque in Adina mosque West Bengal ,.Don't need to say about Varansi ,Mathura ,somnath etc etc etc.Even Taj Mahal.. We Hindus live in peace but Do not crush the foundation of Culture and identity of This country . I may not be happy with economic policies of Govt . But only person capable of handling Indian economy Dr Manmohan Singh will agree that Guru Nanak Dev has clearly written about his visit to Ayodhya Ram Temple..

  • Yogesh S.
    07/10/2020 23:52

    Lots of FAKE NEWS or false things are included in the above report by brut. Brut looks like a group of naxals/islamists who want to show Ayodhya Verdict in a bad light. Few falsehoods in the report are as follows:- 1. There never was any mosque there and it was a temple structure with some repairs or renovations which was being used as a mosque.....illegal occupation just not give legality to call it a mosque that's why it would've been more appropriate to call it a disputed structure instead of a mosque. 2. An archeological report refered to in Brut report was by ASI an govt department who based their report on the very elaborate excavations on the orders by the High court and not just "An Archeological report" AND IT WAS NOT OBJECTED TO/OPPOSED BY THE MUSLIM PARTY/IES and also accepted by the courts. The archeological report by ASI was based on findings by the hindu-muslim mix labour and signed by the muslim representatives as well so there was no question of opposing it. 3. Brut says in 1885 the mosque was built on the orders by Babar.....there are no such orders available on record and a falsehood. MANY MORE OF SUCH FALSEHOODS IN BRUT REPORT CAN BE POINTED OUT. BRUT LOOKS TO ME A BUNCH OF ILLEGAL NAXALITES AND THEIR PAGE SHOULD BE REMOVED FR9M FB OR BANNED.

  • Abhay S.
    07/10/2020 03:26

    Atlast Justice was given to Hindu's Side.

  • Ayush J.
    05/10/2020 04:32

    There is no profit in talking this decision . Ram mandir was there for all time. The foreign invader babar destroyed it and built a mosque there in the remembrance of babri(a gay) who had physical relations with invader babar . He was killed in first battle of panipat. Jai sree ram🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  • Lohkare V.
    25/09/2020 00:57

    Jai Shri Ram... 🚩🚩

  • Aloysius D.
    19/09/2020 12:21

    Forget the past. All the parties should live peacefully and honour the judgement. Let the same argument be not applied to Mathura and Kashi.

  • Joghee N.
    13/09/2020 09:30

    Jai sri Ram

  • Dalit R.
    10/09/2020 19:59

    https://youtu.be/y-ebUsQjVRo Put this haraami in jail

  • Sinhas M.
    10/09/2020 17:47

    0 0

  • 조금성.
    08/09/2020 03:03

    인도는 민주주의의 근본은 알고 있다고 알아요. 단지 시행이나 운영에 문제. 쉬워요.

  • रमन ख.
    06/09/2020 19:43

    Fake. You're the last one I would trust. You are willing to destabilize by instilling hatered ..

  • Faheem P.
    06/09/2020 07:58


  • Krishna B.
    04/09/2020 13:09

    The place where you are people are saying about Ram's birthplace... Actually you shameful people have taken even God to court... Those people and that place whom you take to court that place will never be Ayodha... Remember God matter never go to court.. But you people are shameless...even if God had been in this era he would have been surprised because of such people who himself have created... No any words for you and your spirituality...

  • Rishi R.
    29/08/2020 14:50

    They came no one asked them they were faithless anyways

  • Manish K.
    29/08/2020 04:18

    Brut India ki maa ki chut

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