• Dinesh S.
    01/05/2019 10:22

    It's a very great decision taken by the Indian government...

  • Deepak S.
    01/05/2019 10:17

    A page from traitor , it seems. Jai Hind

  • Rahul R.
    01/05/2019 09:46

    Great decision by Indian government

  • Aashu M.
    01/05/2019 09:36


  • Abhi G.
    01/05/2019 04:17

    This ban is necessary....we stand with our Indian security forces... Jai hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • अजीत भ.
    01/05/2019 02:35

    If u kill more than millions of Hindus, such type of rubbish people or religion have not right to cry on security forces action,all over the world is getting problems only from u and your religion

  • Tathagat B.
    30/04/2019 19:18

    Let a bomb explodes every week near your house and then lets see whether u put security outside your house or not!

  • Navdeep T.
    30/04/2019 18:01

    Bhenchod brut murdabad jai hind jai hind ki army

  • Manish C.
    30/04/2019 17:12

    Sahi kr rahe hain Bilkul

  • Rohit S.
    30/04/2019 16:12

    aatank wadio ke karan

  • Vinoy D.
    30/04/2019 16:09

    Gud Job, take every possible to safeguard our armed forces . If it's needed close roads even 3/4/5/6 day in a week.

  • Waseem K.
    30/04/2019 15:03

    Those who support ban i would say if ur dearest is dying in ur laps n u can't goto hospital coz army is moving what will u do... How barbaric.... This govt instead of policies is coming up with restrictions... Oh sorry chai wala wouldn't be knowing word policy my mistake.... Things like these will radicalize people even more... And consequences could be even more dangerous... Attack happened in pathankot also but was same restrictions applied there.. No this happens only with Kashmiris and then govt says we love Kashmiris this is how u demonstrate ur love for Kashmiris by caging them.. 😡😡

  • Bappaditya K.
    30/04/2019 14:41

    Bravo indian army , Fuck your enemy brutally .

  • Sahu B.
    30/04/2019 12:24

    Good step

  • Raghvendra G.
    30/04/2019 12:23

    Good dicstion

  • S K.
    30/04/2019 10:07

    बहुत सही कदम है कश्मीर में सेना के लिए

  • Mohit M.
    30/04/2019 09:40

    u really know behind this reason,if yes then explain everyone, bcoz of ur half knowledge wrong thing s can be happen and i know u hv no guts to answer my question.....shame on u, u just a paid social media....

  • Ashish K.
    30/04/2019 06:01

    Go and check what Sri lanka did in order to remain safe and secure....

  • Souvik C.
    30/04/2019 05:00

    Why kashmiries are being harassed all through the country? U will get ur answer by watching the comment section, and as well they will play victim card

  • Sanjay U.
    30/04/2019 04:46

    My one question for u brut Pakistani we are also living in the remote areas of Northeast ..here also army deployment are very high ..why they are not attacking us with pellet guns ..why they are so nice to us...any natural disasters like floods and all they are helping us .....open your eyes ..don't blame our army ...Brut india

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