According to Rahul Gandhi...

Congress party president Rahul Gandhi tried to share an empowering message with disadvantaged communities, but he distorted facts in a way that some found more hilarious than inspiring.

14/06/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Mahadeo P.
    16/01/2020 10:17

    Anyone knows that Amazon has found by postman to deliver courier 🤪

  • Srijon P.
    14/04/2019 10:17

    say abt kapil sibbal

  • Alvira H.
    15/02/2019 19:39

    What's the use of studying in high end schools and colleges and still pronouncing coca cola as kokka koula. He was a pharmacist not a shikanji bechnry wala.. please get facts before babbling out..

  • Gursheel S.
    19/08/2018 02:11


  • Naresh K.
    11/07/2018 18:13

    Kab banayenge inko hamara PM

  • Sandip G.
    11/07/2018 05:48

    Tera viewpoint samajhne laga ye video dekhke 😶

  • Chetan S.
    10/07/2018 12:06

    Pappu and its supporters, keep rocking with your knowledge, india had learnt of your 70 years of foolish brain washing people.

  • Suresh N.
    10/07/2018 09:52

    Read Pappu, who was Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Narayana Murthy.....

  • Mallikarjun M.
    09/07/2018 07:34

    didn't get what he meant

  • Rishi S.
    06/07/2018 17:49

    Manoj Yadav

  • Jigar D.
    05/07/2018 18:51

    congress party president was once a comedian

  • Nilanjan M.
    04/07/2018 12:03

    And this man wants to be the Prime Minister of the nation. I am not saying that we currently have a great PM, but this guy will be even worse. One of the biggest positions of the country doesn't need any educational qualification and that is why many jokers are now bidding for it.

  • Nataraj B.
    03/07/2018 17:41

    So Juice maker is not a juice maker he is pharmacist Kabab maker is not a kabab maker he is McDonald Vehicle maker is not a machanic He is what ????

  • Pallavita N.
    03/07/2018 17:33

    Is he mad🤣🤣🤣

  • Nikhil T.
    03/07/2018 17:31

    .. Can your facebook friends explain this shit..???

  • Atharv N.
    03/07/2018 11:40

    Pappu 😂😂

  • Aditya K.
    03/07/2018 09:41

    n n n n Isse pm candidate kyu rakha hua h ???

  • Abhishek P.
    03/07/2018 06:54


  • Kishan S.
    03/07/2018 06:44

    India lacks a strong opposition party and a leader..he is really a pappu

  • Aaditya C.
    03/07/2018 05:33

    hecha kai😂

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