• Bsk S.
    02/05/2020 14:48

    Gareeb ka nuksan karke ye log kutte ki maut marenge, aur koi ye kutto ko sabzi na do.

  • Siraj A.
    29/04/2020 17:51

    No one like this forced Govt. On public

  • Renjith R.
    28/04/2020 16:18

    I really love those policemen who ever have done this.. Without even thinking wt they are throuwing acted like some morons... Finally we can eat dust , air instead of vegetables.. You reckless guys dont even knw the pain of Cultivating vegetables and selling them.. Throwimg food is like getting your own karma grow like corona... U will get salary.. Bt who will give the loss to those poor vendors??? Get ready bro's.... Have a great life ahead...

  • Jaya S.
    28/04/2020 15:43


  • Vidya P.
    26/04/2020 19:48

    These people are goons !!!! What nonsense

  • Rakhi V.
    25/04/2020 11:50

    This is too much. Thousand of people are going hungry in our country. How can these guys behave so stupidly?

  • Lulahay R.
    24/04/2020 12:41

    die from hunger or die from covid? now choose.

  • Soumya M.
    24/04/2020 12:16

    These are bloody acts of police men..bloody scoundrals

  • Omkar W.
    24/04/2020 10:26

    Such a waste of food...In times of crises....shame

  • Rowena F.
    21/04/2020 09:41

    Very sad

  • Nagu U.
    18/04/2020 21:26

    Every one has a power there if they have a job.

  • Usha P.
    18/04/2020 20:31

    Protectors of the law and order become the terrorist who create chaos...

  • Reshma G.
    17/04/2020 10:56

    Wasting food like that is horrible. Who made them police??? What a waste and total losers.😡😠😡

  • Mathew M.
    16/04/2020 10:42

    This is message for hate of God,Hate God,love praise and Respect the Dictator,Afterall idols rules India

  • Bushera H.
    15/04/2020 09:37


  • Vivek B.
    13/04/2020 15:20

    How to potray everything in the negative light must everyone learn from Brut india.

  • Lakshmi D.
    12/04/2020 17:25

    Why did the police behave like this I could not understand , instead of throwing the vegetables better to distribute the poor .

  • Rosa S.
    11/04/2020 10:13

    Police personal should not waste foods.

  • Ashraf K.
    11/04/2020 06:38

    Why Indian people are by nature so ruthless!!!??

  • Mary A.
    09/04/2020 18:18

    Why do they have to throw it? Can't they just give a warning or take it away from them and give it to less fortunate ones. Such a waste of food.

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